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Nippon Paint Workshop

It's honoring & lucky to be one of the participants to join Nippon Paint's workshop.

It was my first time joining this kind of workshop besides than mandala workshop I joined back in February 2019 ( after me & my ex-husband's separation ) 
I got so tensed and lost, this is when my friend, Angel, continue to come into my life and shine me up.

I realize that I am so into the arts.
Anything to do with arts ( I am so into it, but I have no idea how to join )
Since there's an opportunity, why not!

But didn't expect the workshop is fun, I learn about how to paint, which type of surface uses which type of paint, Momento paint technique and so on.
Momento is a 3D like painting where is looks classy, realistic & beautiful!

I didn't expect to be so interesting!
They gave us 4 types of materials to paint on :
1) board box 
2) metal tin
3) tile surfaces
4) walls

I met new friends, new people from different background and that gave me a new thought of 
'' Everyone can paint. '' 

I heard from a lot of friends said that they cannot paint, they are not good at arts and so on.
But in the end, I was amazed by all the artworks they did! 

Everyone can paint it! 
They just don't know their creativity as they did not really get in touch with it.
Here goes the workshop!

The tools for painting. 
A big piece of tile.
The tile can be painted as well!
Don't need to do the renovation of a small piece of tiles got broken.
Just repaint it! 

This is how the workshop looks like!
A welcome speech & introduction by the Nippon Paint team members. 
We have all kinds of paintings here.
The different surface uses a different kind of paint. 
This is a big piece of wall-like material, different surfaces, different paint. 

Below are the exhibitions of painting they paint in furniture & wall.
You can take them as references for your future home!

I always wanted to have a colorful house & rooms.
With Nippon paint, I can be colorful!

  This is my piece of artwork! 
Didn't expect it to turn out so well with the washi tapes designs.

 My artwork on tiles!
If you wonder what you can do with your old tiles?

The above pictures are the artwork that everyone made!
Good job to everybody!
I saw creative spirits in the house!

Visit Nippon Paint's website for beautiful paints!
I got so inspired by the positive aura & colors!
It's colorful & makes your life beautiful too!

Check out my video to have a look at the workshop!

 Have you joined any of the painting events before?
Share the link below & I can see it too!
Share with me :)


  1. Looks like you have so much fun. Sometimes this kind of event, makes us explore our creativity & coming out with beautiful masterpiece!

  2. Thanks for sharing . Love your awesome artwork ! Maybe Hawa juga boleh buat banyak-banyak macam ni untuk home decor projects.

  3. seronoknya. suka betul buat aktiviti deco rumah. cantiknya. nak hias dan conteng2 macam ni kena duit banyak. kalau tak, hanya mampu pakai sekaler jela. Tapi, bila masuk entry ni, boleh jugak cedok idea. mental pun cat. lawa la...

  4. Wow!!!!!!! What a good workshop to participate. I am interested too. Kalo ada lagi workshop macam nie nak join juga la. I am an art person too.

  5. The workshop looks fun! Mesti seronok untuk orang yang sukakan kesenian. Macam saya ni taklah berseni sangat haha. terima kasih share ya.

  6. bestny aevent nippon ni..mesti dia ajar cara cat denagn betul kan..nak juga join event nippon cat nippon ni

  7. wahhh very nice workshop and informative too. i wish i were there. i bet u now can paint the wall nicely and creatively.

  8. Yes, you're lucky enough to joined that event. You had an amazing time there ! cool

  9. Looks like you've had so much fun, Nipoon paint is a good and reputable brand I'm also using it too

  10. Rumah i pun suka guna cat niplon paint sebab selain daripada warnanya yang cantik dan banyak pilihan ia juga tahan lama dan anti kulat. Memang berbaloi labur duit beli cat nippon paint ni kan

  11. syoknya, ada je program macam ni ya. untung u all. saya selalu juga guna cat jenis ni, kalau perlu guna cari brand ni juga

  12. Cantiknya hasil lepas cat tu. Memang betul semua orang boleh cat kan. Masing-masing ada kreativiti sendiri. Bagus ada workshop macam ni. Boleh juga belajar tentang pelbagai jenis cat yang ada

  13. Tak pernah pergi mana-mana painting event. Cantiknye painting2 tu. Looks you enjoy yourself at this event

  14. Congrats sis! This really a nice event to join. I never join this kind of painting event, but I could feel that this must be enjoyable :)

  15. Wahh beruntung you dapat join workshop macam ni..dapat bermain dgn color2. Lepas ni bolehlah cat rumah sendiri kan :)

  16. Wah bestnya join this kind of workshop. I pun tengah search best paint for my new house.

  17. Veronica ! Bestnya you dapat join program macam ni. Experienced the best. Sy pun kalau dekat nak join program ni. Boleh dapat confident untuk cat rumah sendiri nanti.

  18. This Nippon Paint workshop looks fun! I am also searching for the best paint for my new house with a good house painting services. This kind of activity allows us to explore our creativity without borders!

  19. You sure have a lot of fun alright. Would love to join such event in the future too. :D

  20. Wow seems like you have a lot of fun. I have been heard this activity from my friend that know at agroup golf lessons . wish I could participate the workshop next time


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