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Hair Color Expert , Damansara Uptown

Finally, I got the chance to try out Hair Color Expert's hair coloring services & treatment!
Previously I saw one of a video of my friend, Praychildren , and I got really interested in trying the colors!

The below is his video of visiting Hair Color 
And finally, I have the chance of trying!
It's a really exciting experience but yet worrying.
Because I have a sensitive scalp and thin hair, I worried that I cannot dye my hair anymore.
And another thing was, my hair loss ever since taking medicine, so ya, a little afraid to look bald.
But anyway, let's jump to the experience!

          So today I will be visiting Hair Color Expert at Damansara Uptown
Just in case you don't know, it's near Starling Mall.
Opposite of Starling Mall shop lots.
If you are standing at the main entrance of Starling Mall, it is located on the second row left side.
It's very visible and easy to track the location as their special cute Octopus logo!

Pink is always my favorite!
And Hair Color Expert does have my favorite color! It's like the purple-pink color of the cute logo.
Before starting any of the chemical services, a consultation session is a need.
It's a part of service and procedure, where the consultant will consult about your hair condition.
Like for mine, my consultant was, Xavourique,
he is a real gentleman where he really explains like what is going on with your hair, your previous hair color and suggests to me what I can do and how he can do with my hair.

It depends where we went for your hair coloring salon, but I've experienced where they did not explain much about coloring and did not mention where the product comes from and what they do on you.
I prefer a clearer understanding and vision of what am I doing and that what makes me more comfortable.

Here are clearer and straight-forward pricing listed on their wall.
Their services & price list.
* NOTE: The above price is only for ONE COLOR, does not included with bleaching & extra colors.
So with their service, it's a very straight-forward SOP
which I personally felt it is professional.
At least you understand what are you enjoying and what are they doing.

So let's get started!
So, Xavourique suggests that I can have a brighter hair color but still depends on the bleaching tone.
Mine was 7 .

So before bleaching starts, they applied the protection layer for my scalp.
So that it will reduce redness and pain during the bleaching process.
The process took approximately 1 hour.
30 minutes of hair dying
2 times of hair treatment
1 time of hair bleaching
hair blowing & slightly styling.

Let's have a view of the entire shop 

Their own brand of shampoo & conditioner. 
The bleaching makes me look a bit of ANG MO !

This is the color created by my consultant and this is really beautiful!
It is a little of ash purple brown~
To be honest, I love here very much.

Not because of nice hair color, but friendly and caring.
They really care about the entire service they provided and also YOU!
They want to make you look beautiful!

I learned a lot of knowledge about hair coloring.

They are not selfish when sharing knowledge and information about hair coloring and hair protection.

My suggestion for all of you out there who wants pretty hair, consult with your consultant before doing any services.

They know better and they are experts in this field.

They use imported Korea products for hair coloring & hair treatments.
It's healthy & organic so that your hair looks pretty & healthy!

Before & after hair transformation
What do you think about this hair color?

You can easily find them on facebook.

Instagram : 
#haircolorexpert #haircolorexpertmalaysia

You can also easily made booking for their services

It will appear like this on your mobile phone
Then you can easily make appointments with them.
Easy steps, healthy colors and professional consultation.


You can park your car at Starling Mall~
Or take LRT to TTDI 1104 take a grab from RM6 to Hair Color Expert 

Before I end this post, I would want to mention to you guys that
they DO NOT provide hair trimming, hair extensions, hair perming, hair straightening services

What do you think about this hair salon?
What kind of '' scary '' experience you met previously so that you afraid to do hair coloring?
Share your experience with me :)

This is my review of Hair Color Expert in my video


  1. Cantik warna rambut yang baru ni! I pun suka hee. Teringin nak warna rambut juga tapi tak terbuat lagi haha

  2. stunning sangat,cantik...lawa rambut baru ni.

  3. The colour is really nice and suits you..i'm planning to colour again my hair and i think they also might bleach my hair as before this my hair colour is dark brown and i dye it myself to black..hahaha...maybe i can visit and get their services here

  4. Wow. It changes with the lighting ye. Nice. I used to bleach and colour my hair when I was younger - that time nobody knows about the rainbow colour - if not, I would have done mine like that too. But yours look good on you! Good job!

  5. Terbaik ulasan saudari, lepas ini ramai akan mencuba di kedai yang anda sarankan ini. Happy selalu ya

  6. Nice...really nice, look good.

    Their locataion at Damansara, I believed is a great location

  7. Waaa cantik nye warna rambut bila dah siap.. Nampak sangat style...

  8. Wahhh..cantik color yang terbaru. Kena dengan you. Sis pun suka color rambut..nanti boleh cuba disana

  9. Nice hair color lah kena dengan you. Best lah suka orang perempuan pergi sini selalu salon rambut kita orang laki yang tak berambut sangat ni tengok jer lah wakakakkaka..

  10. Cantik rambut after colour treatment. Harga not bad juga. Nanti boleh bagitau kawan-kawan yang nak colour rambut sekali tu.

  11. Cantik.. warna rambut yang terbaru tu.. sesuai dengan you.. tempat pun santai je.. mesti ramai suka tempat ni untuk warnakan rambut..

  12. Wah dri serabut terus jadi cantik rambut.. Sesuai dengan you tau.. Nampak kemas je.. Tempat pun menarik.. Lama tka pergi aalon rambut

  13. cantik sangat bila dah siap tu, stylish. boleh cuba di situlah di uptown ya. kedainya pun selesa walaupun simple sahaja.

  14. Wahh.. cantik rambut bila dah siap. Warnanya juga cantik, sepadan dengan awak. Kedai pun bersih, harga pun nampak macam ok juga kan. Kedai pun bersih

  15. The color suit you.. if i am free hair, i will go to get this color also.. the important thing, the price and the saloonn is good

  16. Takpe Ang Mo Veronica... yang penting not kiasu maaaa... hahahaha... hey, cun la colour tu... it suits you... kedai tu pun nampak okay... lebih-lebih lagi dengan logo yang comel tu... at first I thought kedai makan tau... hehehehe...

  17. Nice colur you hair..i like it..harga pun berpatutan..nnt i nk share ngn mmbr i la..thank you for sharing

  18. Nice colour. And the price also very reasonable. Tak terfikir lagi nakk tukar warna rambut hehhe. Thanks share story ya.

  19. Cantiklaaa warna rambut baru u. Thanks share. Nur macam nak rekemen dekat kawan Nur yg stay area KL sana. Harga pun best. Mesti servis pun best

  20. Omg love the result. Your hair looks great 👍

  21. cantiknya. walaupun i bertudung tapi i pun suka kaler kaler rambut ni. huhu. but with the halal one lah. nak juga feeling lawa lawa kat rumah. bab kaler rambut i suka tengok warna katty perry.

  22. Wah.. Nmpk lagi cantik n this color suit u.. 😍😍😍

  23. Looks awesome !! The color suits u. I wish to dye my hair as well but i afraid the society will shock. Hahaha. Anyway, thanks for the info about this hair salloon


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