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Types of advertising

  • Banner advertising (Premium, Regular or Basic)
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* Advertorial will be revealed
**We do not provide paid endorsement of products. You are welcome to send us products you think we may want to review. However, we would only write about products we personally like and we think our readers would find useful.

Important information

  1. We value our reader’s comfort when reading our blog. Hence, we would like that your advertisement to blend with our site. If the advertisement is incorporated well with the site, readers will notice it  and click on it instead of automatically ignoring it.
  2. We may personally design the banner to ensure they work well – at no extra charge
  3. We do not accept animated banners.
  4. Banners will be rotated in our discretion to keep it fresh to the eyes of our readers.
  5. Note that advertisement does not guarantee continuous hits. More importantly, it introduces potential customers to your shop and create brand awareness.

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