About Me♥

When someone asked about me . 
What's so special about me ?
I would say : I love baking & cooking
Well , I enjoy to be in my kitchen the whole day!
So ,
My name is Ker Sin , aka Rice Ball おにぎり. Some people know me as Pikachu or Pichu.
Because I cosplay as Pikachu only~
This year I'm 24 years old.
Work as a Makeup artist  & blogger.
I'm from Malaysia.
Yes! Malaysia is a great country

Another part of me , I love baking & cooking of cause.
Sewing , DIYS , makeup & beauties ~
Whatever about own beauty, I love it ~
Married 2017 ~ 

Check out my Youtube videos : Pichu Chiharu
Twitter : KawaiiRiceBall7
Instagram : KawaiiRiceBall777


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