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Zyro Oriental Myths and Legend 2019 | Charity Birthday Celebration,

It's an honor to join Dr Zyro on his 29th Birthday & a Charity birthday celebration.
Close to 200 Celebrity Influencers, business people, Blogger, media friends, guests wearing hero costumes to participate in Dr. Zyro's 29th birthday.

Zyro Oriental Myths & Legends 2019 is a double-themed birthday party , his 29th birthday celebration & a charity course.

In addition to receiving gifts, Dr. Zyro also requested for guests to contribute to a charity box whereby the funds will be channeled towards charity initiatives which are Kiwanis International Club Bangsar, Rotary Kasih, The Giving Bank, and Gem & Bread.

Dr. Zyro aptly puts in, '' This is a time to celebrate friendships and love, where we come together not only to have fun but can also do something meaningful together.'' Dr. Zyro means to be a fundraising event to help more people in need.

2019年10月31日 - 接近200位  Celebrity Influencer,  商业人物 , Blogger ,各媒体朋友们,来宾们穿着英雄服装参与 Dr Zyro 的29岁庆生。

Zyro Oriental Myths & Legends 2019 是个双中主题的生日派对。
除了收礼物,Dr Zyro也要求在场的来宾们做个筹款活动帮助 Kiwanis International Club Bangsar, Rotary Kasih, The Giving Bank and Gem & Bread. Dr Zyro也强调说,‘这时候是庆祝友情与爱,我们聚在一起不只是吃喝玩乐,更是做个有意义的事。’ Dr Zyro的意思也就是一起做个筹款活动帮助更多需要的人。

Dr Zyro 的生日庆生派对也和好多不同的商业集团一起合作把最美好的夜晚献给来宾们。首先由 55 Kitchen & Bar为场地主持人,合作伙伴 ( bisClub, DreamLive, EmpComm , Fei Fei Crab, Smileway Dental, Terry Lee Clinic, Vanzo , Tribalogy Studio , Liz Beauty,  Fei Fei Crab Restaurant, Silk Screen Trading , Caroline ang, Sompoton Spa. 幸运抽奖活动的礼物由 Chang Jiang Coffee, Empro , ePure, Lip & Co, Boutiquinn 赞助 Aaron Lim and QVC Creative Communications 是Dr Zyro 的正式服装设计师。

Dr Zyro's birthday party also worked with a number of different business groups to dedicate the best nights to the guests. First of all, 55 Kitchen & Bar is the venue host, partner (bisClub, DreamLive, EmpComm, Fei Fei Crab, Smileway Dental, Terry Lee Clinic, Vanzo, Tribalogy Studio, Liz Beauty, Fei Fei Crab Restaurant, Silk Screen Trading, Caroline ang , Sompoton Spa. The lucky draw event was sponsored by Chang Jiang Coffee, Empro, ePure, Lip & Co, Boutiquinn. Aaron Lim and QVC Creative Communications is the official fashion designer of Dr Zyro.

也有马来西亚著名的艺人如,: Amber Chia , Happy Polla (泰国youtuber) Andy Lau Tin Long (香港TVB演员) , Xavier (香港), Fara Dolhadi ( Asia Got Talent 2019 ) , Tan Sri James Tan, Dato' Sri Szulkarnian , Dato'Sri Steven Eng, Tengku Nomrah , Dato' Anthony Cheng , Dato' Sri Vincent Tiew 与 Dato' Jovi Heng, Datin Maylene, Datin Geraldin, Pro Coco Alex 和等等其他艺人。

好多的来宾们穿着汉服与其他的英雄服装参与这有意义的生日排队。Fara Dolhadi, Simon & Max (马来西亚版本的Alan Tam & Hacken Lee ) , Candice ( Recording Artist ) 与 Andy Lau ( TVB 香港演员) 也为来宾们献上最棒的演出。

There are also famous Malaysian artists such as: Amber Chia, Happy Polla (Thailand youtuber) Andy Lau Tin Long (Hong Kong TVB actor), Xavier (Hong Kong), Fara Dolhadi (Asia Got Talent 2019), Tan Sri James Tan, Dato' Sri Szulkarnian , Dato'Sri Steven Eng, Tengku Nomrah, Dato' Anthony Cheng, Dato' Sri Vincent Tiew and Dato' Jovi Heng, Datin Maylene, Datin Geraldin, Pro Coco Alex and many others.

A lot of guests wore Chinese clothes and other hero costumes to participate in this meaningful birthday. Fara Dolhadi, Simon & Max (Malaysian version of Alan Tam & Hacken Lee), Candice ( Recording Artist ) and Andy Lau (TVB Hong Kong Actor) also presented the best performances for the guests on that night.

介绍介绍Dr Zyro~

Dr Zyro Founder cum CEO of Zyro Consulting Sdn Bhd & 8Drom Group

Introducing about  Dr.Zyro
Dr Zyro Founder cum CEO of Zyro Consulting Sdn Bhd & 8Drom Group

He is a talented leader who is a social and business influencer. He is known for his impeccable personal brand and keen business acumen.

在这里也谢谢 Dr Zyro的神秘礼物,也对我们大大的爱。谢谢你啦~Thank you so much!

Thank you Dr. Zyro for amazing surprises!
I didn't expect so much surprises in your birthday!
Blessed birthday & God bless everyone who work hard in your charity birthday bash!


  1. Happy belated birthday Dr Zyro. Pernah bertemu beliau dalam satu event fesyen baru baru ini.

  2. Happy belated birthday dr, mine is today! such an interesting event attend by awesome people!! ✨✨

  3. Happy birthday kepada beliau. semoga beliau sentiasa happy bersama-sama keluarga tercinta

  4. wah...happy birthday Dr Zyro..event meriah dan menarik. Bestnya dapat produk free..hehehe

  5. Happy Birthday Dr Zyro and hope more success next time and health and good on your life. Good product and more benefit for your user..

  6. Happy birthday dr zyro! Nice event. Meriah sangat. Terima kasih sebab share ya :)

  7. Happy Birthday to Dr Zyro. What an amazing event!

  8. Happy Birthday to Dr. Zyro. Hope u all had an amazing fun together!

  9. wahhh look very faboulous and havoc !!! happy birthday to Dr Zyro. have a good one !!


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