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AprilSkin Turn-up Color Treatment (Purple)

Hey peeps!
Remember my previous blog post about visiting Hair Color Expert at Damansara Uptown?
The color stayed for a week + as their colors are semi-permanent, so it will fade off earlier than permanent ones.

And yesterday, I bought a new hair dye with is AprilSkin Turn-up color treatment from Guardian.
I browse this product for quite some time because of the vivid colors!

So decided to buy this brand and I chose '' Purple  ''  
Was expecting color turns out like this warm lavender
But the color ends up differently but perfectly at the same time!

So, about this AprilSkin Turn-up color treatment, it contains 60ml of hair color.
For short hair - Yes ( small tube )
For long hair - Yes ( they have another big tube )

Mine is short hair, so I bought the small tube ones & I still left 40% of it.

The box itself contains only a tube of hair dye, plastic gloves & plastic cape.

You gotta be either professional to dye your hair or get help from someone.
It's kinda difficult to dye it on yourself.

About AprilSkin Turn-up color treatment
Skin safety test completed 
20 different herbal extracts nourish damaged hair while giving a vivid color to the hair.

To be honest
The color will be different on different people's hair tone.
Like mine, I bleached it before my previous hair color & the bleach tone was 8.
So, if I apply colors it will be much vibrant.

I would suggest if you are having dark brown hair color, I believe it will look very cool!

The product is nice! No harsh chemical smell, no tingling & itching scalp.
I have a sensitive scalp.
When I use other types of hair dye, it felt itchy, tingling (more like pain) of my scalp.

But this is nice!
I bought it at RM36.79 
You can also buy at Guardian's Website:

I look like an anime character!
Cool right this color?

You will never believe I am a mother!

Check out my youtube video of this product:

What do you think about this product?

Do you like it?

What is your favorite hair dye & what color?
Share with me :)


  1. Waaahhh! nice color.daring look.hehe

    normally the color will look blend & vibrant depends on the skin colour also. luckily you have a bright skin color. haaaa...the purple shine looks nice .

    by the way, it more look alike pink color..but you still look cute.hehe

  2. Yes when u buy a hair color it will definetly turn out different than u expected.

  3. It was long ago when I used to love coloring my hair too and my fave color was platinum blonde. Haha. Yours suits you.

  4. Wow!!!!!!!! Looking good. Purple really suits you dear. Have a good day and stay trendy.

  5. nice colour!!! one can look very different and unique with this kind of colour.

  6. Wow purple ! Sama lah kita. Suka purple kan rambut. Tapi kalau i nk lagi gelap sikit.

  7. wow gila vibrant habis warna pink dia.. betul kena bleach dulu untuk dapat kan kaler merah jambu cenggini... i takut nak bleach rambut sebab rambut i dah nipis for each.

  8. Purple colour ni sesuai sangat dengan you. Tak semua orang berani pakai dan sesuai 😁 harga pon okey affordable

  9. cantik warnanya. bolehlah lepas ni buat collection gambar, rambut pelbagai warna! mesti menarik hehe.

  10. cun color rambut purple tu dengan u.. sesuai jer kat muka..

  11. wah color rambut lagi ye.. cantik pulak BBL tengok purple tu.. kulit cerah cantik la kan

  12. Nice color. Suits on you. Yg penting tak rosakkan rambut

  13. You are really daring to try a new hair color but this really suit you too!

  14. Perghh terus warna jadi cntikk.. I tak pernh nak warna kan rambut tapi suka tgk orang warnakan rambutnya.. Hehehe

  15. Wow... the colour so bright and it suit you. Dulu i rajin juga color my hair and berani warnakan mohagany je.

  16. i love this color and it suit you!! I must say you looks more younger and energetic with this colour! Nice

  17. Wahhh berani gunakan color purple ya..mcm sis tak berani..hehehe. Sis selalu light2 brown shj..dah tua kan so tak boleh le nak buat mcm orang muda..:)

  18. The color actually looks nice in you! Not too vibrant but not too pastel. Just nice with your skin tone. Yeah, no one would know you are actually a mother with this colour

  19. I think that colour looks good on you. Look younger too. Hope it gives u more fun.. hehe


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