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AprilSkin Turn-up Color Treatment (Purple)

Hey peeps!
Remember my previous blog post about visiting Hair Color Expert at Damansara Uptown? The color stayed for a week + as their colors are semi-permanent, so it will fade off earlier than permanent ones.
Click here to read the post about Hair Color Expert, Damansara Uptown
And yesterday, I bought a new hair dye with is AprilSkin Turn-up color treatment from Guardian. I browse this product for quite some time because of the vivid colors!
So decided to buy this brand and I chose '' Purple  ''   Was expecting color turns out like this warm lavender But the color ends up differently but perfectly at the same time!
So, about this AprilSkin Turn-up color treatment, it contains 60ml of hair color. For short hair - Yes ( small tube ) For long hair - Yes ( they have another big tube )
Mine is short hair, so I bought the small tube ones & I still left 40% of it.
The box itself contains only a tube of hair dye, plastic gloves & plastic cape.
You gotta be either profe…

April's First Halloween!

Finally~! I got the chance to bring my little girl to attend Halloween events & wear costumes! When I was 23 years old, I started joining Cosplay Events and wore a Pikachu outfit. My intention was just having fun & let people know that I am a special effects makeup artist. More like a cute social event.
Last time I have her dad who would accompany me to go to Cosplay Events but after separation & soon divorcing, I have April to join me!
When the other day I went to Citta Mall, I saw that they decorated well of the place. And on Facebook, they also stated they have costume competition for kids. My mind was like going crazy and excited at the same time! I am going to let April join the competition, let her explore and have fun!
So about the dress, I have no idea what to let her wear. So I was checking out what I can do for her, I saw a roll of yellow felt that I bought at Daiso. Still figuring out what I should do, and decided to sew a Pikachu dress.

My first time sewing wi…

Handmade By Dalicious

Pamper your skin at home too!
Before I introduce these products to you all, I would love to say Thank you Dalina for such an amazing product! She is a very nice lady & talented. Her products are not only '' amazing '' but nice to use. You know some people will misuse the word'' amazing '' like what also amazing. But what I am writing, and sharing is 100% truth & authentic.
Feel free to try it for yourself for results. Everyone is different.  But it works on me! I don't think I won't work on you!

Let's get started with natural & organic ingredients!
Handmade by Dalicious. (from left) Deep Cleansing Oil, Ginko Face Liquid Soap, Facial toner, Saffron face moisturizer (Day use), Face oil (night use)
I am a person who loves organic and natural ingredients for skincare products. I don't really use body shampoo but use handmade soap.
I'll briefly share you about how to use them :

You will be using : 1. Deep cleansing oil 30ml  M…

Liyfe Lady Blossom, Female Care Essentials

Hey ladies! I don't know you think about '' female care'',  but I do understand that sometimes ladies do not want to talk about this topic or maybe run away from this topic. But today, I am not going to run, but I am going to talk about & share my experience with all of you (readers)
I do not mind sharing about my experience but ladies, you only have one body and you gotta use her for the entire life. 

Vaginal dryness cause difficulties during intercourse improved significantly after using estrogen-100 which showed better results rather than isoflavones and black cohosh. 
86% decrease in menopausal symptoms compare to isoflavones 
Reduce Skin Wrinkles The moisture of skin improve  Reduce Hot flashed

The main benefit ofLady Blossom Anti Inflammation Anti-Oxidant Anti-Aging Relief: Headache & Dizziness, Fatigue, Joint Pain Prevents: Insomnia, Osteoporosis, Osteogenesis, Dementia 

Lady blossom also helps in : Firming and toning vaginal muscle Regulate menstrual cy…