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Bridal Gown | Wedding Gown For Rental

Looking for budget wedding / bridal gown. I also provide renting of Wedding / Bridal Gown  Bridal accessories 
I do know that some of the brides-to-be want a '' budget wedding photo shooting '' 
Just contact me if you are looking for one.
This is my facebook page. I provide home to home manicure & pedicure services , variety of spa manicure & pedicure selections & of cause makeup.

OMG! It's been a long time!

Well, yes! As per title, it's been a long time I did not update anything yet.
And little April is now 8months +
A little cute baby , funny and active little baby.

My beloved husband brought us a surprising Melaka 3 days 2 night tour.
It was all good.
Unfortunately less pictures of it.
I realize after having a child , it's like more to them and less to yourself.
You can't deny but you want to take all pictures no matter what they are doing it could be a good memory!

I do realize there are more of her pictures & videos instead of mine.

Well I am just going to leave it there atm , until I get an external hard disk.

I do enjoy writing blog and reading them.

Especially know new people, the feeling is just so great!

Oh.. Oh.. Before I forgotten to introduce,
I am working out on my business again!

I do home to home manicure / pedicure / makeup as well.

So it's a mobile type where I run here and there.
Sometimes I do take April with me when I work.
So please bare with me.