2nd month of little April

I realize that I am not updating my blog for the past few months of pregnancy.
Oh yes! By the way, we delivered little April ( baby girl ) earlier than expected.
Our expected delivery date was 13 October 2017 & I delivered her 24 August 2017 ( 32 weeks & 4 days ) 1.9kg

Little April has to be in NICU  until she is 1.8kg & 35 weeks.

So, I would love to thanks government hospital that giving me the opportunity that staying in NICU with April so that I  can take  care of her.

Is not easy to take care a preemie.... Some says preemies don't know how to suck, or don't know how to breath by themselves. Most scariest I heard was they will tend to forget how to breath as they thought they are still in the womb.

So every night I wake I make sure she is breathing . '' I sound stupid , but you will do the same too !''

The doctors & nurses were kind to us & very helpful.

During the NICU moment, I met a lot of mommies & premature babies.
Where you heard all kind of stories & experiences, that's the time you learn.
All the time I've been getting help from mom & dad how to take care of babies and bla bla bla....

I am a new mom & zero exprience in taking care of babies.

It's totally a new experience and life having another mini you!

Today my little April is at her 2nd month!

Which means , it's been so long I didn't not update.

Well, I wonder what I am busy with ...

Being a mom, sometimes you tend to forget '' what the time is it or when ''
You only remember : '' When is my child is going to drink her milk & when to pump ''

I almost forgotten my time & days!

Gotta catch them back.

April at her 1st month going to 2nd month =D


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