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My 5th month pregnancy~

Finally , I am at the fifth month of pregnancy.
My skin condition is getting better and better!
I guess because I was dehydrated and my skin got super dry and Chinese says drink
'' 红枣 Hong Zao ,蜜枣 Mi Zao and 枸杞 Gou Ji'' will make baby's skin fairer. Well I am gonna try this though.

These days were great! Previously it was hard for me to find a job as I was pregnant.
Got rejected by few companies because they don't want to hire a pregnant lady. - sounds sad huh.

I was jobless since January.
I didn't know I was pregnant.
Normally before Chinese New Year it will be hard to look for job as it will be on holiday on February. So... Yes.. It happened to me.. hard to get a job...

So today, 5th Jun 2017, I got my job last week as a teacher. Which I am really happy!
Happy environment and I enjoy teaching kids.

The previous week I was at another Kindergarden and that was sad , I don't really want to mention where is that and what happened. So it happened I work for a week instead for a month.

So okay...

I got a job 

I actually got through some depression ~ I don't know how to tell people or I shouldn't tell . People will take it as a joke .. So I kept it for myself and I got really tensed depression.

But thank God my BH & family supported me less giving me stress and bare with my super crazy attitude.

Oh yes! Forgotten that yesterday we scanned little Pika.
Actually we should be scanning Pika next month which is July. But because of my weight drop tremendously .

Previously before my gym life I was like 60-61 kg , then I went for holidays and bla bla bla bla I gain weight until 70kg + ... It is scary I know~~~

When I was pregnant , for the first to third month , my weight was 73-74kg , and today I became 70-72 kg but not over 73 kg ~

That is why me & my BH got worried , my weight did not gain up and we are worried that little Pika does not grow.

Yesterday 7/6/2017, I've been visiting Klinik Desa, and they need to monitor me frequently . Which means I am gonna visit the nurse like 2 times once per day starting next week! (What a busy month)
However, it's just monitor.

My forth going fifth month, I started feeling butterflies in my bellies ( a feeling which I hard to explain ) and asked my cousin, she told it's our little Pika's first Hello!

Awwwwwwwww......................................... YES! It's baby bump!

She is active during night, when I am eating, hearing music which she likes and if she doesn't like it will only be a kick, if she loves it she kicks a lot I assume.

Can't wait for her to be with us!

Thank you Amanda, Ron & Auntie Kim for giving gifts for our little Pika all the way from Australia, Pika will be loving it !

I will update more about my pregnancy!

Something is true. Your appetite change often. I've been eating less rice as I have no idea why & when I feel like eating cakes, and I don't want to eat them. Weird me.

But feeling Little Pika kicking me , it's a sign of healthy~ I thank God for all .

Until the next time.

Good luck!


  1. '' 红枣 Hong Zao ,蜜枣 Mi Zao and 枸杞 Gou Ji'' will make baby's skin fairer?? really?? Have to tell us this after little pika born! Hehe!

    1. Hello dear! My daughter is now 8 months and her skin is actually fairer and when I deliver her , her skin is not you know '' kedut - kedut '' ..

  2. Congrats dear, all the best to you all your family for the new addition ❤

  3. all the best babe and am praying for your well being and baby's speedy delivery....

  4. All the best babe! Take care and I'm sure that there's be more memories made from now on!

  5. I can't see your little bump. Take care.

  6. May you continue to enjoy a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Congrats on this new journey.

  7. All the best dear and hope all goes well with the pregnancy. Enjoy it to the fullest <3

  8. Hey gimme five!😍
    Me too, nearly 5th month of pregnancy. Me also having a series of dry skin during my 1st trimester due to extreme morning sickness.
    Pheww..its gone already. Now my appetite is like Im gonna swallow a whloe dinosaurs haha

  9. Congrats! I'm 7 months pregnant. It really super exhausted.


  10. Congratulations dear....<3 I am sure Pika will grow well...^^ Hope you gain appetite though to feed both you and Pika...<3 Stay healthy you two!

  11. all the best in your pregancy... how is it now...

  12. A hearty congratulations dear and all the best- enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest :)

  13. wow. congrats to mummy to be. Don't stress so much ya. Your little Pika will entertain you in your stomach. feel the miracle movement.


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