Why you can't get pregnant when you are at the 30s?

I believe positive vibes can brings you happiness.
Yesterday was an opportunity where I, as a blogger , been invited to join SUNfert with their Bloggers' Day.

Phew..... This blog is a long way. I hope you have patience to read it.

When I first applied for this blogger review or blogger tour, they are looking for mom's or pregnant ladies. And yes, I applied this for like a week ago and I was selected.

I am jumped into tears ( this is just an expression ) as somebody noticed me!

So I told my BH about this and he told his colleague.
He told me it was something direct selling or ask us to sell their products.
I saw the email written something about '' talks '' so my mind knew that it is not about selling.
I told my BH , maybe we go and have a look and I don't think they would ask pregnant ladies to go there and sell.

We are excited to go to SUNfert and learn about new things !

SUNfert International Fertility Center
(picture shows the hall of SUNfert)
Helping in couples that are expecting for children after 2-3 years of trying but couldn't success.
The age range are mostly early 30s and so .

A couple that couldn't have their babies are not a minor issue nowadays.
It happens centuries ago but why until today 2017 people mention it out like it is a disaster?

My personal opinion :
I always heard of my friends say ,
'' not so early la ~ '' - your late is when ?
'' soon '' - your soon is when ?
'' I didn't think about it '' - umm.... You don't want to have your own children?

So, it depends on individual perspective and the way they are thinking.

I believe all of us out there wanted to have children when we are getting elder. We don't want to be alone.
Or getting jealous of somebody's getting pregnant although they are younger than you.

Let's talk about olden days.
Our grandparents got more than 5 kids in their days as either the economics are not as bad as today or they don't know the precautions .
And another thing they got married early like 16 years old but rarely less than 28 years old.

So I believe than women's getting pregnant chances are much higher if you are in the 20s but not late 20s or 30s.

People says getting pregnant are risky if you are turning 40s during delivering. I believe that is TRUE as we are getting older , we might not have the energy to '' push '' and many precautions we have to prepare. That's why the 40s are not recommend to natural child birth but doing the  ''C'' .

So back to the topic,
If you do really understand the menstrual cycle like '' the best day to have sex  '' , womens' mature egg hold around 3 days but as in the book it was like 7 days. ( but still depends on individual's body )

I remember when I was '' trying to have baby '' , I started looking at my calendar and note down which is the best day according to an app in my phone. So I told my BH that this is the best dates .

Not only women have to take care of their body but also males.

A baby wouldn't be success with only a woman , but also man.

I am going to share with you what Dr Eason view about this matter.

  • Identify the problem why you can't have a baby
  • Causes that not letting you having a baby 
If you are clearly know your problem, there's shouldn't be a problem and there must be a way!

As a perfect mature egg can last for 3 days but not less than 7 days.
Life style like both parties are also a matter . Example: Your man are tired of trying , you are at KL and he is at Johor - you miss the chance of getting pregnant.


Causes : What causes you NOT TO GET PREGNANT?
There'll be 4 major issue about this.

1.Your egg.
Is there egg during your ovulation & how long does she last?
Is your menstrual cycle regular?

40% are the male factor.
Is there more sperm counts ?
Is the sperms are actively moving?
Is the sperms healthy ?

3.Is your Fallopian tubes are blocked?

Example: Low Ovarian
10% of women in the early 30s are suffered with Low Ovarian.

Treatments that Dr Eason suggested :

  • Try your own
  • Simple Treatment - taking supplements that doctor provide
  • IUI -Fertily the egg + sperm inside the Uterus.To also shorten the travel distance between the egg and the sperm. 25% of chances.
  • IVF - Test tube baby ( fertility the egg and sperm outside the Uterus until Embryo ) 50% chances.
The above are brief video of IVF 
source: Manipals Hospital

Let's take a view at SUNfert
Counselling room.
This is a private consultation room
The patients have 100% of privacy when talking to their consultations / doctors.

This is also a consultation room where the consultant will talk to both partners or just one other party.
More like a psychology room.

Always be positive.
 One of this interesting section where this art is actually '' sperms '' surrounding the ovum.
Very interesting .

And oh yes ~ there's a microscope showing a '' live sperm '' movements.

The so called '' Twinkle stars '' are the sperms.
The pathway towards the consultation rooms, Doctors' rooms , washrooms , labs , wards & OT (Operation Theater)

After the review, they actually provide refreshments before the arrival of Dr Eason.
The pathway towards the consultation rooms, Doctors' rooms , washrooms , labs , wards & OT (Operation Theater)

At the sitting table / cafeteria, there's this book displayed.
It caught my attention like they are so passionate in helping people achieving their baby dreams.
Most of the area or I should say almost every angle of the area are either book and pictures of Babies , Ovum and Sperm and also designs.  

 Yum yum refreshments.

There's goes our Dr Eason.
He is a fun person and I believe you will like him when the moment you saw him!

Q & A session.
I am very lucky to join this bloggers' day with fellow bloggers and Dr Eason.

After spending the afternoon at SUNfert, I believe many women dream come true when knowing there's a solution hard to have babies in their 30s .

I believe in another way, we should be always be positive.
 I heard many couples says they tried and tried but couldn't get a baby they felt frustrated and down.
I totally understand how it feels.

But, will frustration towards a dream when you know there's a solution there helping you and you don't want to try it out. 
What's the point of calling it a dream when you are frustrated?

Although, pregnant is '' not an easy '' task, but raising a kid is not as easy as pregnant.
If you want to have a kid, but make sure you always want to raise them well too.

There's so much in this world that we saw '' Child abusing '' , or I don't know killing their own child.
Some people choose to born the child but not take care well.
But some wish to have their child but they couldn't have.

I am one of the adopted child that my parent's couldn't get pregnant.

Doing IVF are a cost.
If you are capable, go and give it a try.
If you are not , why not try adopting a child?

Many people prefer adopted a dog , a cat or a rabbit. 
Why not adopt a real human when you really want a baby but you couldn't have it ?

Don't lost hope , be positive.

Good luck.


  1. This is a interesting post and I think in this day and age women have careers as well as running their homes, people marry and settle down at a later age. putting all this together and more and more women are choosing to have families later on in life. This often means they are not as fertile as they would be if they choose to have a family whilst being younger.Its good to know that there is help on offer to those ladies that need it to conceive.

  2. I'm not anywhere near the stage of ready for a baby, but I agree that if you have trouble looking into IVF is a good idea! Definitely seems like there are options.

  3. Very useful. Thank you for this info

  4. Very useful information. Having a baby is not merely personal choice but support from partner and fate. And having a baby is easier, it is the raising of a child that is the hard part.

  5. Haha I'm already pass 30 and will be trying to get preggers soon lol... hopefully it'll go well...

  6. good post... thanks for sharing....

  7. That's a lot of information but was written to not be boring. I had fun reading this. And, at the same time, I learned a lot too! Thanks!

  8. i hate it when people think that trouble getting pregnant is only the girls fault when in fact both parties need to get check to determine the real situation..

  9. It takes 2 to tango. both parties need to work harder for the result.

  10. Yes, don't lose hope. best wishes to all couples out there!

  11. This is great, thanks for sharing!

  12. This is certainly quite informative to those who are looking to try to have children. Will pass it around. Thank you for the warm share!

  13. well written ! and I smile while reading your blog. Nice ^^

  14. oh wow.. I did not know that... that sure was informative...

  15. Useful information for my friends who try to conceive. Will share it out to them.

  16. I agree with you. best to get pregnant before 40 hehe

  17. What an amazing blogger tour.
    In pregnancy, I dont rush things. If we wilk be blessed to be pregnant then so be it.

  18. What an amazing blogger tour.
    In pregnancy, I dont rush things. If we wilk be blessed to be pregnant then so be it.

  19. Amazing writing of your experience & thought sharing! Thanks for this informative one, cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  20. Thanks for your sharing dear!! I agree that we should get pregnant early but sometimes it can't be rush and be positive about it even you are after 30 and wanted to get pregnant!

  21. Wow this is serious, many women out there are still not married even when they hit their 30s.

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