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Super easy steam chocolate cake *no eggs *vegetarian *no bake

As per title~ 
Super easy steam chocolate cake 
*No eggs *vegetarian *no butter *no bake

Yesterday was a super tensed day and sad.... very emotional ..

So I asked my BH to bring me for cakes.
*P/S ... I love eating cakes & ice creams when I am sad or emotional or angry.
But because I am pregnant, I can't eat ice cream... so... just cakes.

He wouldn't want to bring me so , or he is just lazy to drive out I have no idea.
So I decided to bake myself a cake.

Goshh.... Like I am gonna cure myself when I am sad and no listener.

So I was check out google & youtube on which recipe suits the best criteria of what am I looking for.

Guess what,
when I was super excited baking & I have no much ingredients left in my refrigerator.
I was like ohh God, hope this success! 

And thanks & Credits to Nags,
here original blog & recipe

Look at these babies! 
They turn out so nice! 

Here is her original recipe * highlights with pink is my version

1.5 cup plain flour **I assume that they are  1 & 1/2 cup of plain flour
1 cup yogurt ** I only left with 1/2 cup of yogurt , I added 1/2 cup of skim milk
3/4 cup sugar
1 & 1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla essence 
3 tbsp cocoa powder

I steamed them for 25-30 minutes.
I wrap the cake tin with an aluminium foil to prevent the steam droplets drip on the cake.

All I can say, this is really super easy!

Fun to make with !

No mess, no eggs, no butter & consider vegetarian steam cake!

Good luck! 


  1. I love eating but don't know how to bake...I think this recipe is super easy and maybe I should try this weekend.

  2. thanks for sharing, this is super easy

  3. The chocolate cakes look yummy. Will try to make it too with my children.

  4. Look tempting to try especially for non baker like me. Loving this.

  5. I love chocolate cakes but steaming? That I have to try! Sounds weird but looks great in your photo.

  6. The recipe is so easy and simple to do. The lazy one also can do leh, plus I got all the ingredient ready already.

  7. So easyyy! I should try and bake it noww

  8. Wow! That's easy! I should try the recipe soon. Hehe

  9. Cake recipes that are easy and appetizing.

  10. i love choc cake. Can try ur recipe next time.

  11. this is a must try recipe for sure... my hubby loves chocolate cake...

  12. a healthy recipe, good try!

  13. This is really easy to make will give it a go when I have a craving for chocolate cake.

  14. yay to simple recipe. ini nampak sedapnya

  15. wow.. no egg and no bakes? its just a simple way to make a cake
    .. hee

  16. That is great and easy to make as well. May try it this weekend .

  17. Wow vegetarian cake! Look so tasty, I'm gonna try making this! Thanks for sharing~ can't wait to try the taste :)

  18. Wow vegetarian cake! I will try this and bake for my vegetarian family members soon.

  19. I need this! I'm getting on the heavy side so this recipe will help my weight stay in check but still make my salivary glands happy.

  20. Oooo...I would so love to try least I could try to win bf's heart more with this recipe..thank you dear!

  21. Simple recipe, simple technic and for sure I never try before..

  22. Congratulations on your pregnancy. The recipe simple and the cake looks tasty. Will try with my child later. Take care of your health and dont let emotion effect your baby and you.

  23. mudah nyer resipi ni yer.. take care yourself.Jangan makan manis- manis atau elak dari berat badan naik secara berlebihan.Effect diabetes while pregnancy

  24. terliur pula tengok kek ni..ehehe.Dah lama sangat tak buat kek

  25. Wow your cakes looks yummy even without eggs. You are very talented in baking :)

  26. its nice and superb recipe...simple to make a cake...i will try to make this cake....congratulation for your pregnancy..

  27. This recipe is so easy and simple to make! Don't mind trying it at home, thanks for sharing!


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