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Pregnancy changes ?

When comes to pregnancies, people thought the changes will be ...
Your tummy will definitely bigger by weeks & months.
They said your hormones changes, but they don't really specified what kind of changes.

You heard of hair loss, your skin getting dehydrated really fast, mood swings really fast.

I am currently 4th going 5th months, I would love to share what are the changes in me.

Little Pika grows well in my tummy. Thank you for bloggers , family & friend's concern.

My changes:
1. New outfits.
I can't wear my normal shorts or shirts of cause. It will tight especially to my tummy / belly area. It is really uncomfortable .

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2. New underwear and bras .
Been visiting to baby & mommy's fair for few times. Maternity underwear been a huge attraction to me. I am very particular in wearing what type of panties and what type of bras. During my first to third month of pregnancy, my breast to sore and tender ( a feeling where you touch your breast you felt pain. ) and I told my BH and do some research on what I should wear.

You can choose to wear a sports bra. - If you felt it is too manly or tomboy. Try wearing bra without wire. If possible wearing cotton bra and DON'T wear bra before you sleep.  It's a long night, let your little breast to rest.

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My BH told me I love to eat more vegetables before my pregnancies and during my first to third months pregnancies . I am so into meat items of cause a well balanced diet meals.
But during my 4th going 5th months, I prefer to eat more vegetables again and something more light.

My previous working place do provide food , but still I prefer eating from home.

4.Discharge is abnormal.
During having sex with my BH, it's kind of frustrated when after having sex my BH's penis was itchy and mine too, the discharge was white bean-curd like. Not all the time I am itchy but more of his. I don't know if we done it too rough until the skin tore or... I don't know.

I was not totally into mood and get '' wet '' before the intercourse session , it could be the friction between both.

And I do not like the discharge as well.

So doing some research again and again, there's few tips. If you felt uncomfortable , feel free to visit the doctor.

  • Eat yogurt ( if you are afraid to go to doctors to talk about your shy matters , yogurt can help in yeast infections ) - Eat yogurt in your daily life can help in reducing yeast infection or even weird and '' abnormal discharges '' .
  • Drink plenty of water. this will definitely help a lot! Water can help so much in carrying out unwanted guests and discharges.
  • Eat balanced diet meals.
  • Sleep well & enough rest.
5.Dry / Dehydrated skin.
Been trying several lotions . 
I love smelling cocoa lotions before I got pregnant, it's a NO NO.
I am been typical using '' organic '' and products that are less chemical.

I've been using Forever products before my pregnancies and I've been switching products.
But during my pregnancies, these are my favorites !

It depends on individual.
I did not eat any supplements but only given by doctor ( folic acid - for the first to third months ) and Obimin ( after 3rd months of pregnancies )
Anmum milk & other also pregnancies milk.

left of the picture are Folic Acid . ( recommend pregnant mothers to consume daily for the first to third months )
right picture are Obimin ( recommend pregnant mothers to consume daily after 3 months pregnancies )

Do you know you can get a free sample of Anmum milk?
I've got mine!

Click here to get your free sample.

My 4th going 5th months of pregnancy

I'll update you guys more !
Good luck!


  1. Not pregnant (yet) but hope to be in the near future and this would be very helpful. Thank you!

  2. indeed pregnant mothers will feel all the above the canges including me.. huhu... but now, all is getting normal back..

  3. Congratulations!! different people will have different experiences.. hairloss will come after the baby is out.. my hair just starting to regrow balik.. huhu

  4. This reminds me of my pregnancies... And well.. good luck sweetie... Jist keep yourself active until the end and have a safe and fast delivery.

  5. Love every curve cause it is meaningful. Congrats on the new addition!

  6. For people who is on a pregnancy planning like me, I am glad that I've read your notes here, especially the 4th point.

  7. I drank Anmum milk during my pregnancy. Wish you a safe delivery.

  8. good to share your journey. Enjoy motherhood ya

  9. Congratulations on your journey! I bet you are so excited now :)

  10. Congratulations! I'm now to my 6th month of pregnancy and I couldn't take that Obimin. I guess because of the size? I once got chocked when eating it. Hope I can eat it like you

  11. Thanks for sharing all these tips. Hope you have a smooth and safe pregnancy and childbirth.

  12. all the best! take care and safe birth~

  13. Congrats and all the best in your pregnancy journey. Semoga semua dipermudahkan.


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