Gema Ramadhan , The Venue Shah Alam Buffet Ramadhan

 It's been so long I wanted to try Ramadhan Buffet.
Every year before Raya arrives there'll be Ramadhan first.
It's curious how Ramadhan buffet will be.
From primary school , I join mostly Chinese as I studied in Chinese school.
My secondary school was in Malay school , so I join Indian , Malay and Chinese.

I am so honored to be invited to join Fatin Bella at this eventful Ramadhan Buffet.
Do check out here website as well.

Before the event itself,
I was surprised there no one actually started the buffet yet.
As I mentioned , it was me and my BH's first time, we don't know how is the agenda .

So we took a little picture of how the buffet settings and yummy food!

Main dishes table settings

Dessert table settings

One of the corner we took the picture.
The hall is spacious and beautiful decorated. 

The Venue Shah Alam are specialize in Wedding Packages Event Space.
It can accommodate minimum 1000 pax.
They have few packages for Malay Wedding packages from RM28,000 (minimum 500 pax)

Why you should choose The Venue?

  • Ample Parking Space
  • Big event space
  • Strategic Loction ( easy access ) at Seksyen 15,Shah Alam.
  • Commercial lifts
  • Full Wedding Package 

Those who are planning for your wedding can consider this place.
We, Chinese normally prefer doing at Restaurant but if for formal or annual dinners can consider Malay Cuisine.

The price list of the buffet
RM63 nett per adult
RM43 nett per child

-For booking at least 10 person. 
Before the buffet start , there's few performance by the chef itself. 
After the performance there goes our time for exciting and yummy buffet. 

As I am pregnant, I am really conscious about my food and also I am not a really spicy lover.
But my BH does.

So here are what we took for our dinner. 

I must say, we are really satisfy about the food.
It is not as spicy as I thought!
The kuih and curry kuah is my favorite!
Even my husband loves it too!

While we are having our dinner,
there are few performances like
-'' Fashion show '' - of Baju Kebaya.
-Lucky Draw ( Cash, Cash voucher & hampers ) 
-Singing by two lovely ladies.

Overall experience:
Food was amazing!
The decorations are a bonus.
It's air conditioned! 
The emcee is funny!
At least the whole event is not as boring as only buffet eating session.
There's something to attract.

I am not sure about others.
This is our first time and I am looking forward to join Deepavali Buffet if they have!

Door gifts given by The Venue Shah Alam.                  
We are pretty lucky as I've got RM1,500 cash voucher  from the lucky draw session 
and so do my beloved husband. 

 The door gifts
-Membership card
-Praying mat and others .

As we are not Muslim, my BH going to gift them to his colleague.

Oh yes! 
A photobooth session also available on that day! 
It's pretty cool! 
It's our first time joining for a Ramadhan Buffet.
As a Chinese , definitely worth trying.

Like ... Come'on you're in Malaysia.
Don't tell me your don't love Malay cuisine?

Visit them at :
6.00pm to - 9.30pm | From 27th May 2017
For booking please contact 019 8585 825
Google Maps / Waze : The Venue Shah Alam
No.15 , Jalan 15/22 , Seksyen 15 , Shah Alam , Selangor , Malaysia


  1. i guess i know where can spend on my malay friends on ramadhan ! Thanks for such great post

  2. Wahh. You're so lucky! I love Ramadhan as well, because of the food, and also its a holly month for the Muslims :)

  3. Best juga the place, most of the main dishes they have i like it too.

  4. Oh, now I know that I can head to The Venue for Ramadhan buffet... I tot it's only for weddings....


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