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What if you get flu & sore throat during your pregnancy?

What if you get flu & sore throat during your pregnancy?

That's the bad part during pregnancy, I personally felt because most of our vitamins and nutrients goes to little baby in our tummy. So of cause we will lack of them, but you can't take any of medicine at this moment,.

Here my little tips for you.
I've tried many ways online , still the below works for me.

Let me know if you had tried out or you have any better solution feel free to comment below.

*This may work for some of people but depends on individual *

Sore Throat tips :

1. Eat plenty of vegetables / fruits.
I understand that it will be hard for you to even chew or swollen .
( for my case : I accidentally bite my tongue when I sneeze , so I got a little cut on my tongue - this makes me even hard to eat tho. )
-Try drinking fruit /vegetable juice. *No adding sugar but raw honey or organic honey.

2.Drink Vitamin C soluble tablets.
I quickly drink the Vitamin C soluble tables whenever I felt uncomfortable or getting sick.

3.Swallow honey
As many google & blog researches, swallowing raw honey may help your throat soothing.

4.Eat ice cream 
I don't recommend to eat often but eating ice cream help you relief the pain.

5.Drink hot beverages
Avoid drinking coffee, cocoa , tea ( as pregnant women are not suggest to consume these except cocoa)

6.Take strepsils , woods 
I honestly didn't know if the contents are okay for pregnant women, but after I read. They are okay to consume,

7.Gargle your mouth with salt water .
This is common and I believe we know that , it takes time . But I actually did swallow a little bit =)

8.Gargle your mouth with Listerine or other brand mouth wash.
I recommend mouth wash with Green tea as it is not contain much alcohol as the original ones. But still is totally up to your choice.

Clogged nose tips :
Talk about this, this is really a big matter when you want to sleep or even rest. With clogged nose , not only you can't breath well , but sometimes the mucus drip if you sleep side ways. Annoying huh-

Here are some of '' I felt this works for me ways '' 
Hope you can try it out .

1. Drain your nose with baking soda, salt & water.
As yesterday it was difficult for me to sleep, I searched online for easy ways to clear my clogged noes. I found this wonderful recipe that you can try at home!

1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
Water - cooked water
(make sure you dilute well )

Pour the solution into one of your nose drills ( example : You are about to pour at the left nose drills, you cover / press tightly at your right side of your nose drills. Let the solution flow, you will feel the solution came out from your throat - just spit it out . )
*repeat for 3 times*
Trust me , you feel wooallahhh!

2.Sleep with extra pillows
Yes, try sleep with 2 - 3 pillows to make your head position higher to breath well.

There are many ways to unclog your running nose, but the above 2 are my favorite ways and it works for me !

Cut on tongue | Accidentally bite my tongue
As mentioned earlier, I accidentally bite my tongue when I sneeze - OUCH!
You can bite and chew but it is painful.
Here are my tips that I find them useful.

1. Baking soda paste
Baking soda work in many ways!
Take 1/4 tsp of baking soda and add a little water just to make the paste and apply at your cut area.
Leave it for a while * trust me , you will '' accidentally swallow them '' but it's okay , you will be fine.

2.Drink juices if you can't chew .
Drink juices or broth to replace your simple meals.

There are many ways to heal your cut tongue, but the above 2 are my favorite ways and it works for me !

Pregnancy period are the best period for women.
But tricky part we can't take any medications unless consult by doctors.
Good luck mommies!

2/5/2017 ** update
Finally , my flu and sore throat is GONE!
I thought I wouldn't make it on my big day.

If I am not mistaken I got my flu and sore throat around 15/4/2017 and went to the doctor on 19/4/2017. Me and my BH been a penny pincher since we got little pika and saving for our wedding dinner , wedding ceremonies. He's been a very big influence of saving ever since we both together.

I told him I would like to go the private clinic , and he insists me to go the hospital. As I have the pink record book , so it's easier for me to go to the hospital for cheaper or free treatment . So we went to Hopsital for this treatment. The staff ask us to go Klinik Kesihatan. So it's a RM1 treatment.

The doctor gave me paracetamol & cough syrup. ( It says can cure flu and cough ) but not much they will give because have to protect baby.- what I mean not overdose .

But until today , it's totally gone. Few days back I still have a little sexy flu voice - Haha!
But still recommend to drink plenty of water and vitamin C or even fruit juice!

This is what I can suggest.

Good luck =)


  1. thanks for the info. might be useful to me sometimes in the future. haha


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