(Throw Back) Mom and Baby Biggest Warehouse Sales 21st April to 24th April

It's been hectic , disappointing , stressed month as I don't know how to explain myself.
There's ups and downs in life, but didn't expect my marriage would be that '' challenging '' .
A lot of crying which I know I can't , it's not good for the baby. But crying is better than keeping in heart right?

So, back to the story.

This is my 2nd time of visiting Mom and Baby Biggest Warehouse Sales at Shah Alam Section 7 back in 22nd April which is Saturday. Our first to the big baby fair was in Mid Valley, we have no idea what to buy. Traveled by KTM but no idea what to buy. But we saw those parents were carrying huge baby pampers pack. So we assume the pampers are cheaper .

So back to last week, my BH was excited to told me the dates, which I have no idea what dates at first, and he told me Baby Fair. I can see how excited he is to go to the baby fair. It's relief , happy and joy when choosing clothing for Pika. It's like rainbow in the thunder. He told me it was in the poster beside the roads , so while I was driving. I went searching  for the poster, and YES! Baby fair again! This time we are not going to miss out.

So at this time of visit, we look through what we need and bought some baby shirts, shampoos and other little stuff that little pika would use . Me and my BH were very excited choosing which is for pika. Although we don't know the gender yet but we chosen the colors that both female and male.

The below are the stuff we bought for our little pika.

Here are the prices : 
1. Baby socks : RM6 
2. Baby bib : RM3/each
3. Baby pants : RM3/each
4. Baby Powder : RM12 ( 2 bottles ) 
5. Shampoo : RM15 ( 2 packs ) 
6. Baby Pampers 78s S size : RM27 - Free tissue 
7. Disney Baby Bottle : RM12 ( 3 bottles ) 
8. Baby Powder Case : RM8 /each 
9 : Baby Milk Powder Case : RM8 / each 
10. Baby Blanket Set with Pillow & Bolster : RM30/set 
11. Baby Carrier ( Fair world ) Rm49
12. Baby netting : RM20
Total : RM199

I will update you if we bought anything & if there's any fair I will update in my blog.


  1. All your baby will need is love (and food)! You'll do great!

  2. Great post! I really like your blog a lot! :)

  3. Wow you bought so much for such low price! That's a steal! I remember spending more than $500 on my baby stuff even before he was born. Some goes to waste :(

  4. Ohh no!!! Just miss out on these great offer ):

  5. Wow thats a lot of stuff! Im sure you scored some crazy deals during the fair :)


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