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Third month of my pregnancy

Yesterday was a blast day!

Calender wrote 1st April , but that shows nothing that I want to fool my BH  (beloved husband). It took me quite hard to sleep after 12am, and finally I slept.
2am in the morning I woke because my body was ache and felt tensed in a sudden.
I woke my BH , at first he thought I just can't sleep then he touched my shoulder, they were tensed . So he did a little massage for me, and he is such a sweet guy. He put on his jacket for me and long pants so that I am not cold and a bottle of warm water. I was pretty touched by him.
And finally I slept in peace again. But until 4am , I wokeup again because I was hard to breath (not asthma )but you can feel its hard to breath, you felt oxygen can't go through your lungs. And again, I wake my BH, he was very tired but I can't take it. Its my first time pregnant. I don't know what else may change in my body except for tender breast, swing moods, darker skin tone at some part of my body...

So quickly my BH took me to the hospital  (once you have pink record book from Klink Kesihatan Malaysia, it will be easier for you to deliver at Malaysia Hospital).
At first I didn't know the benefit having pink book except for going for monthly checkups, but also we can enter hospital at anytime if have any discomfort or emergencies.
So, for the registration is only RM1, waited for the doctor. Doctor did my baby scan although my next scanning appointment will be on next Monday (for the latest baby scan *mind was second month and super blur picture.)
This is our first time seeing little pika on his/her movements. My BH was burst in joy thought he wouldn't see little pika.. because Monday he has to go to work. Pika was very active in the 6am ! Like who gonna work so early go an early boxing and kicking ? It seems pika enjoy very much even in my tummy.

So, what happened to me was, doctor said it is common for women get a sudden tensed either on physical or mentally. She told me the scientific name of it but what I understand, I was nervous and breath too fast, so my oxygen and carbon dioxide in my lungs was not equalized . So, she taught me, whenever I was stressed, take a deep breath ,count to three and exhale. *it helps whenever I felt dizzy too.
The doctor gave me a cream and said to apply when my body felt aching. And the medication is also FOC.

My BH told me, Malaysia did great at their medical services to her people. Now I really felt happy , got cheap treatments at goverment hospital (RM1) and FOC medications.
For my first ultrascan , we spent RM50.
Second scan at private clinic , RM150.
Third scan at government hospital at RM0 (FOC and monthly checkup).
From my opinion, why Malaysians says Malaysia are not good enough in this and that, well lets not talk about politics and people. Talk about medical, not only pregnant moms and kids get the benefits of free medicial treatments but all Malaysia citizens.
Try open your heart and receive care. I believe you will be proud.

Here is a little video of little pika ! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Congratulations on your baby! I think I'm not yet ready for pregnancy yet but I love learning about it. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Although I had just given birth, the your experience right now, make me yearn to give birth again

  3. Congratz! I just missed the feeling when my little boy
    was still in my tummy! Miss it too much. Takecare mummy.

  4. Congratulations dear! Or your HB is so sweet! Wish the best of health to the 3 of you...hehehehe

  5. congratulations. :) I am a mother of three. I can relate with your excitement :)

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy. I hope it will be smooth and you will have baby in your arms soon.

  7. Babies are a great blessings. There are people who have been trying so hard to have a child but couldn't so I think that you should consider yourself lucky :) I'm so excited for you!

  8. Wow congrats and hope that you and baby are happy & healthy.

  9. Awhhh congratz babe! Hoping that you and your baby healthy and have safe delivery :*

  10. Congratulation on your pregnancy. Baby will grow healthy and relax ya.

  11. you are smart... going to a regular government base clinic is good enough to give birth.. i gave birth to all three kids in a government hospital...

  12. happy to heard that good news, Congratulation on your pregnancy.

  13. Good to know that it was nothing serious and both you and baby is fine!
    I agree with you about the govt hospital service as well.

    XOXO... GreenStory

  14. Congratulations in your pregnancy! Its a huge blessing and worth treasured :) we are excited for.more update

  15. Congratulation, its always good to do check up at government hospital. So much better than private hospital.

  16. Congratulation dear! We r exited for you, do share more about your pregnancy experience ya!


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