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Can you have sex during pregnancies ?

Here's a tricky question that men & women will be questioning after knowing that you or your wife is pregnant.

Can you have sex during pregnancies?

I've been doing lots of google answers about this questions.
Some says it's not safe during pregnancies, these might '' loosing your baby '' , or I don't know , it could be any issue related to your baby in your tummy.

I check out the '' So Gou 搜狗 '' , some Chinese says , you CAN'T do it until when your fetus is stable. There's a lot of saying , but I remember YOU CAN'T.

I have thoughts about guys. I heard from some friends or the internet , that caught her husband having affair with other lady while she was pregnant, or her husband is not interested in her anymore since she was pregnant and not having '' sweet '' or '' romance '' moments. This will disappoint both parties if you do not take this seriously or carefully.

For my personal view :
Sex is part of life. Ladies & men would love sensual touches and sensual kisses either BEFORE or AFTER married. I have no idea , but why some guys would rather looking for other ladies after he is married, might as well don't get married , always find another replacement at any time and anywhere. Is it sort of entertainment or games to them I don't know.

Once a lady promised you to be with her rest of her life,she did her promised.
10 months of body changes, pain , and mood changes during her pregnancies, how can a guy want to find a lady then find a lady. What about her 10 months changes, and if  ''C'' instead of natural birth, the marks / scars will be forever.

I really wondered.

But after I look at the pink book , pregnancy lady medical record book by the Kementerian Kesihatan.
The book is like wiki-pedia, I know I describe this really funny. But I didn't expect Malaysia Pink Book written detailed pregnancies '' must '', ''will'' , ''what if'' , ''how'' questions.
What happened to you, refer to the book. It is a great help!

So I did read about '' Sex can be done during pregnancy , but IF saw any blood , don't care huge or less amount of blood , immediately go to hospital.

So, after I saw this book, I told my BH about this.
He did not doubt but we do continue our romantic life like usual.
After finished the session, my BH proudly told me, '' Is good having sex with your wife during her pregnancies , this will not only create closer bond and won't argue because of small matter. ''
Some married men thought they can't have sex with their wives so they prefer finding other girls instead. Because of these issue, all sorts of problems happened during their wife got pregnant.

Hopefully this post will help you out either in future or presence.

YOU CAN have sex during your pregnancies BUT make sure there's NO BLOOD.
ONCE have BLOOD immediately go to the hospital with your pink book.
But if can reduce your sex limits in the first 3 months ( Trimester ) , after 3rd month you can do as much as you want. But control still.
Don't forget you already have baby bumps.

Oh ya! Before I forget, having sex during pregnancies, will also help your wife to also loosen and also exercise pelvic floor. This will help her easier to deliver your little ones.

Good luck to you & your babies.
Wish you and your husband create a closer and happier bonding.

**Anything do refer to the doctor, I just giving advise as my own personal experience.**


  1. I am active in sex when I was pregnant. I even had sex while I was on labor because it really helped me deliver my son easily. I agree that every pregnancy is different and they should get advices from the experts

    1. I also read in articles that having sex during pregnancies will help in delivering :)

    2. Thanks so much for sharing this and doing all the research to check if it is ok to have Sex during pregnancy. Sounds like it would be good to eliminate any arguements.

  2. Thanks for sharing your research results. Now I know better!

  3. Actually during my pregnancy my dr actually advise me to have sex :P

  4. wow nice topic. thanks for sharing the tips hehe

  5. wow..i did not know this...thank you! Now in the future if i do get married and pregnant i know that it's ok..well as long as there isn't any blood la of course.. :P

  6. wow...gain knowledge!!!I really don't know this!!Thank for sharing!!

  7. Thanks for the information, its good to know about all these too.

  8. Another info post and l think l admire the commenters too for sharing their experiences. Now l know being pregnant can be fun with the Little Life is still growing in the womb

  9. Very interesting topic, I enjoy reading it. Thanks for the useful information.

  10. Thanks for the useful info. Don't really know the details until I read your post.


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