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Great news! I am pregnant !

It's been so long I did not post anything in this blog.
I thought I would use a new one, but still I prefer this.
Here's a great news wanna share with you guys.

I am pregnant!
If you are my follower in instagram you have already know .
I am pregnant for 3 months! Finally passed this 3 months! Estimating little pika will be delivering this year October 13, 2017. Here is my two times of ultrascan.


Some Chinese said '' do not tell anyone before 3 months pregnant because might  fall , baby is not stable. ** touch wood ** baby will fall off.
I am not that typical Chinese but some how, sometimes I am very one. ( depends situation )

I am happy , get done with my pink color book - which Malaysia Government providing free services & free treatments for pregnant mom & baby. Only pay for delivery fees , I heard the fees depends on which type of bed & if any emergencies needed cesarean. ** pray pray pray **

So let me talk about this past 3 months ~
I'll try answer these questions , hope it helps.

Q.What is the symptoms of pregnancy.
A: Every ladies have different signs of pregnancy. But I believe all of them are the same.
Here is mine.

  • Sore / Tender Breast ( your breast feel sore , painful even touch , and your nipples erect that easily.
  • First thing for sure, your period did not came for 2 weeks & above. ( normally your period will not be that late )
  • Period pain like ( something like cramp like your normal period but nothing came out )
  • You get emotional very easy . ( I cry and get angry super easy ) 
  • Choosy in food ( I can eat , but super choosy ) 
  • Felt like want to vomit , but can't. ( depends on individual ) 

Q.Do I get morning sickness / vomit after eating or even smell food?
A: Not really, I only vomit after food for like less than 3 times . I can still eat happily ( thank God ! ) . I don't feel dizzy or I don't know any weird feeling. But I do felt like period pain - like cramp. I did pregnancy test for the 1st week after my period did not came. The pregnancy test shows negative result. But after 2nd to 3rd week , it became double line ( positive! )

Q.Is it normal if I don't get morning/night sickness or vomit
A:It's totally normal! Because I am also in that situation, it kinda freaks me out! But thank God we can eat!

Q.How sure are you when you are pregnant?
A: My period did not came for 2 weeks and I started doubt. Took 4 test, the first test was negative - IF you wanna check accurately, take the first urine once you got up in the morning. Remove a little urine first & fill them in a cup provided in the pregnancy test kit. It will be a little visible at the second line when you are at 2-3 weeks pregnant. It's normal.

Q.What should I stop eating during pregnancy?
A: For the first 3 months, try avoiding cold beverages, ice creams, spicy food , seafood . For typical Chinese me avoided cucumber , coconut , herbal tea , watermelon ( because these food / beverages are under  '' cool category '' which not recommended while 3 months pregnancy. But still , depends on individual.

Q.When should I start drinking mother's milk
A: I started drinking mother's milk at my 3rd week of pregnancy. Although I did not do any ultra scan yet, but I am pretty sure I am pregnant! Ladies out there who plan to have baby, can start consuming '' Mama milk '' - milk for pregnant mothers , because it contains folic acid.

However, I suggest you to visit the doctor when your period did not came for 3 weeks.
The early the better. At least you know how is your baby & also for your health.

I will update more about my pregnancy.

Good luck!


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