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Introduction towards the gym and health path.

It's been forever ! And I wanted to share with you guys this amazing story of mine!
It's been 3 weeks & going 4 week.

I always tell this to my family, '' I want to keep fit ! '' , '' I want to diet '' , '' I want to be healthy '' ...
Something to do with no food , no yummy food , no fats food.. it's like so impossible!

I head to the gym when I was in college years ( around 19 ) , I went to the gym , I thought I would workout . I did. But only for 3 months. I thought I would work that machines out & no bellies baby!...

But ... no ...  no....

I am 23 this year. I still have that dream in me, but I just ....

Okay~~~ skip to my story....!

It's pretty exciting to tell you this!

I met this '' gym mate '' from my school , where I learn makeup ( she is also known as my classmate ; Celine ) So one day, I was asking if she wants to go to the gym near our home which is RM8/per entry.

She said , '' YES! '' , you know it's hard to get a friend that wants to join you for workout ?

So yes, we did it !

It's been 3 weeks going to be 4th!

Subscribe me & I will share to you more!

There's a tip I can share to you :

1)Stay strong 
2)Stay to your goal
3)Food discipline
4)Plenty of water
5)Don't give up!


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