2D1N - First Time to Pulau Pangkor Part I

Hello Hello... It's a tripping blog! 
Pangkor Trip 2 Days 1 Night : 17th - 18th July 2015 2 Days 1 night
So, it's my very first time visiting Pulau Pangkor. 
It's pretty exciting! 
Cause usually I have my sister joining us along the trip or my boy friend will join along with my family for the trip.
But last minute, turn up 3 of us included mama & daddy .

So , a not really planned trip was organized & my mind was totally blanked as I have a 0% knowledge and understand of Pulau Pangkor. 

What I know was '' maybe I can see turtles ! '' But wait, isn't that at Pulau Redang? 
Ok-Ok- I don't know anything about Pulau Pangkor & I am looking forward to understand more about you.

Let's get the journey started!

Here I am taking pictures from Lumut Jetty Parking Bay
If not mistaken my dad pay's approximately RM7 ++ not more than RM12 for 1 day 2 night

That day the parking bay was packed!
Maybe because of Hari Raya. 
 I remembered we parked at 4th floor.

**Reminder** Don't forget to lock your car for safety purpose.
I don't see any security guards except at the exit only.

After purchasing the ticket, RM10/two way 
Means from Lumut to Pangkor 

Here are the time table for the ferry

My suggestion
Don't  go traveling during festivals / public holidays. 
You jam jam together & pack pack together.
Not mistaken I've waited 4 rounds only reach our turn and it is only 9.00am - 10.00am ++

So this is the ferry we are taking to the Pangkor Town.
It's huge!
I can see many families bringing food , plates , almost the whole house hold items they brought.
My family & I were kind of bag packing.
Each of us take only a bag pack & nothing else.
No food except water.

The inside of the ferry are huge, so you can bring many items.
No worries! 


The ferry will stop at 2 places - SPK Jetty in Sungai Pinang Kecil  & Pangkor Jetty in Pangkor Town
**The ticket can be use the other day** 

20 minutes ++

So  here I am Pangkor Jetty.


Once you reach the Jetty, you will see the crowds like rent car / rent bike / hotel promotions / travel promotions & etc.

I don't see any buses there or I don't know tour buses ? 
The below picture are the '' bus '' at Pangkor.
I was told you tell them where you want to go, they take you to the place & you just pay them.
 Sort of like a taxi & a bus into one
My parents rented a car .
Different car different price.
Manual & auto also different price.
The scariest part is ....
The price was DOUBLED and everyone know that happened during any festivals / holidays .
For a day RM 130 ( the price are doubled ) - for manual cars
Auto are up to RM150 ++

Oh ! Before I forgotten, I think most of them here speak Hokkien & Mandarin.
So if you don't know cantonese, it's alright =)

My suggestion
If you want to rent a car during holidays. get someone can drive manual cars.
You can save a buck!
We are lucky as my dad is a well trained manual car driver.

So get our car, TIME TO EAT!

This is consider as the China Town in Pangkor.
It's a very short distance from the Jetty.
Drive towards your left ( if you are standing in front of the Jetty )

So we came to this Kopitiam.

We came here because was attracted by the Char Kuey Teow炒果条 & 
Shou Gong Mian 手工面 ( Hand-made noodles )

And I was attracted by Char Kuey Teow ( I noticed I didn't take the picture )
It wrote Sea Food char kuey teow at RM5.00 ( BIG Banner )

So I assumed was RM 5.00 / per plate & seafood!

My dad ordered Wan Tan Mee 
We get shocked as the noodles are not the Wan Tan Mee that we used to eat at stalls.
The sauce was like simple mixture of sesame oil & soy sauce.
He only can taste soy sauce when he ate.
From his comment
He might only gave this dish a 1.5 / 5 

Mom ordered Asam Laksa 
The laksa is different as we know that Asam Laksa noodle are seldom cooked with yellow noodle.
Our laksa most are with white thin noodles.
If you are a laksa fans , you know what I meant.

The soup are tasteless, as you can taste it's like added with water / clear soup to cook more Asam Laksa soup. Very very very easily taste detected!

By this it will also be 1.5 / 5 

So lastly my Char Kuey Teow arrived after so long time!
Many people ordered maybe they saw it's RM 5 

So my Char Kuey Teow cost RM 6.50 if i am not mistaken.
Added with Si Ham 

Like that he should write from RM 5.00 ++ 
haiz... I thought I can really try seafood Char Kuey Teow.

The Char Kuey Teow, mostly you can only taste soy sauce.

2 / 5 for this dish.

Sorry, boss. 
Maybe because it's Raya, public holidays.
The food gone holidays too!
But anyway, will come back again when it is not peak hours or holidays.

As for the beverages, I didn't take picture of that.
I ordered Ba Bao 八宝 ,Mom ordered Barley薏米 
Their beverages mostly are mixed with powder unlike at our area they cook the beverages.
So I suggest take coffee or milo or your own beverages.

Overall Rating
Environment : 3/5
Friendliness :3/5
Food : 2/5

Overall, I don't say the food is very very bad.
What I can say is, different place different taste.

Going to a new place, we should try their taste & culture as well.

After had our lunch,
we went for a little walk in the small town.
There's a fruit stall ( at the right )
We bought a pack 
papaya RM 1.00 and 2 pineapple at RM2.00/each
So for fruits we spent RM 5.00

This picture taken at one of the shop.
Pangkor is also famous for it's seafood & dried ingredients ( mostly seafood)
Mom bought scallops , dried shrimp , oysters.
Many seafood snacks are sold too!

Dad don't recommend to buy so much as you end up leaving them until they are expired &
not much people like to eat seafood snacks as they smells strong .

My suggestion
Bring enough water or snacks.
As their groceries here are a little expansive than our normal sundry shops.
Maybe because it's the most frequent tourist visited this area,
the prices are much higher.

We don't spend much on buying souvenirs & snacks.

Mostly water & beverages.

After buy the dry ingredients & beverages.
Time to check in at our hotel!

Check out part II


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