Maxim Dim Sum ( Gelugor, Penang )

Maxim Dim Sum 
Bangunan Lip Sin 2-G-11 &12 Lebuh Pekaka 1 ,
Sungai Dua , 11700 Gelugor Penang.

(Beside talk talk cafe )

So I went to Penang for a vacation & wedding.
I came to this Dim Sum twice & this is my 2nd time.

Me & my boyfie are Dim Sum lover

So here we go... jump to Dim Sum.

While I was capturing, he keep asking '' Are you done? I am hungry. ''

Nowadays generations basically let electronic gadgets eat first before human.

Just both of us , so we ordered kinda simple Dim Sums.
- Siu Mai , Deep Fried Yam Ball , Har Gow , Chicken Feet , Chee Cheong Fun 

Look at this .... yum yum... Big prawns!
Taste was good!
Siu Mai.....

Chicken Feet 
Har Gow 

Look at the crystal clear har gow...

Deep fried yam ball.

Me & my boyfie are dim sum lovers. I would recommend this shop if you drop by at Gelugor or even you are not from Penang. Come & try this.

Two of us ate RM28.75 total of 9 dim sum dishes. included GST 6%

Which I can say , not so expansive & not to bad. 

But still I am looking for thin Chee Cheong Fun...

Where are you?!

Overall Rating

Environment : 4/5
Friendliness : 4/5
Food :4/5

Maxin Dim Sum are more to like a self service kind of restaurant. So, the staff only assist you when you just walk in or order tea. So , you cannot feel much friendliness as you are self servicing yourself. And they don't service charge. 

But still, best place to recommend.


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