I want to GET FIT and SEXY! -- will be keep updated

A lot of girls, we out there.
We want to be slim, fit & of cause not forgotten Sexy.
So during my fit plan,
I did find how women get sexy, through confident.
So,when you go out to the malls, you realized that some ladies wear more exposed than you.
Some are way to cool , where they are okay to reveal their sexy abs. ( Bloat tummy )
Of cause, included myself.
I am a girl which is 147cm ( not even 150cm ) , when I was 10 years old , std 4 , I height 145cm and weight 60kg! ---- as this is maximum.
Due to my sickness that time , my weight dropped to 43kgs!
Which is a pretty good sign!
I am petite.

So , that day onward, I kinda of like --- you know I won't get fat.....
Bla bla bla...........
Eat & sleep.
No dance , no workout , nothing..
Sooner & later.
Here we go.
The heaviest I go was 70 kgs. --- or I can say I dare not even stand on the weighing machine.
Until for some years....

So let me show you some of my old pictures
2013 December

2015 (May)---current

MY GOSH! I am ......... HEAVY!
So in this year 2015--- I want to get back to 40s kg.... 
Take sometime, but I know I can do it!!!
My weight on 10th May 2015 ----66kg

 I've been trying some diet / weight loss product. But eventually, not really works.
Maybe my metabolism rate is not high & they react kinda slow.

So I decided to try workout .
My bought a sports outfit ( sports bra & shorts )
What I did was simple running, push ups , sit up... leg lifting.
But at least better than before I can run more than 3 rounds!

Which I think this is a good start

So today 24th May 2015 -- 
I joinedZumba Class & Dancersize 
Last week ( 21st & 22nd May 2015)

I like the class.
It is so energetic & I did Zumba at home too! 
In front of my TV =D


I will continue to move on! 
Don't loose hope & train like a beast!

24th May 2015--- 64.60kg


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