Beauty Review : SKINDOM MASK

Wheee............. Look at my skin!
I realized my big pores are slightly smaller!
Not to say completely small, but YES smaller.
This is a very unexpected event ! Which I am smiling with satisfaction.

So how I got this mask?

I went to the IBE Beauty Fair 2015 at KLCC with my colleague. So we were about to do company researches. So we went there, there's a lot freebies going around. So we were passing by at the SKINDOM booth. So a man gave us a pretty goodie bag with mask samples as below. And other samples.

So there's a skin care demo going on.
With Korean speaking & English translation. 

We do not have much time , so we grabbed the goodie bag and chao.

So went home I did not really open the bag and until today!

Which  I am really impressive.

So, obviously , when you see this mini container .
There's no any wording stated what is this.

So I assume this is Powder Mask as in the picture.

I am not sure if you can see this they are  a little shinning & light pink color powder mask.

I am a fan of shinning & sparkle items & pink!

So here we go, I added a little water with the powder.
The powder dissolved fast! And I just get pretty excited!

The mask there's a little shinny too!!!

Enjoy enjoy & relax.............

AFTER 15 minutes

Look at my skin baby!

I am sooooo amazed!!!

Let me know if you had tried this product or similar to this one

Love you lots,

Ker Sin


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