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Maxim Dim Sum ( Gelugor, Penang )

Maxim Dim Sum  Bangunan Lip Sin 2-G-11 &12 Lebuh Pekaka 1 , Sungai Dua , 11700 Gelugor Penang.
(Beside talk talk cafe )
So I went to Penang for a vacation & wedding. I came to this Dim Sum twice & this is my 2nd time.
Me & my boyfie are Dim Sum lover
So here we go... jump to Dim Sum.
While I was capturing, he keep asking '' Are you done? I am hungry. '' Tahhaaa...
Nowadays generations basically let electronic gadgets eat first before human.

Just both of us , so we ordered kinda simple Dim Sums. - Siu Mai , Deep Fried Yam Ball , Har Gow , Chicken Feet , Chee Cheong Fun 

Look at this .... yum yum... Big prawns! Taste was good! 4/5  Siu Mai.....
4/4 Chicken Feet  4/5   Har Gow  4/5
Look at the crystal clear har gow...

Deep fried yam ball. 4/5
Me & my boyfie are dim sum lovers. I would recommend this shop if you drop by at Gelugor or even you are not from Penang. Come & try this.
Two of us ate RM28.75 total of 9 dim sum dishes. included GST 6%

I want to GET FIT and SEXY! -- will be keep updated

A lot of girls, we out there.
We want to be slim, fit & of cause not forgotten Sexy. So during my fit plan, I did find how women get sexy, through confident. So,when you go out to the malls, you realized that some ladies wear more exposed than you. Some are way to cool , where they are okay to reveal their sexy abs. ( Bloat tummy ) Of cause, included myself. I am a girl which is 147cm ( not even 150cm ) , when I was 10 years old , std 4 , I height 145cm and weight 60kg! ---- as this is maximum. Due to my sickness that time , my weight dropped to 43kgs! Which is a pretty good sign! I am petite.
So , that day onward, I kinda of like --- you know I won't get fat..... Bla bla bla........... Eat & sleep. No dance , no workout , nothing.. Sooner & later. Here we go. The heaviest I go was 70 kgs. --- or I can say I dare not even stand on the weighing machine. Until for some years....

So let me show you some of my old pictures 2013 December

2015 (May)---current

MY GOSH! I am ..…

Ichiban Boshi ( Setia City Mall )

Ichiban Boshi  LG-08 Setia City Mall No 7 Persiaran Setia Dagang, Setia Alam , Seskyen U13, Shah Alam.
I went to Ichiban Boshi myself. I was shopping alone at Setia City Mall. I am not sure myself what to eat as sometimes
As we know if we go for Korean/Japanese food there'll be this and that. 1 portion = 2 person ( for set )
I don't eat that much, can say I am choosy. So without my boyfriend accompany me, I wouldn't order set as it will be a lot.
So here we go my Japanese date...with myself
I ordered this! RM2.00 per plate. The cheapest in the store I guess. With HD effect. They look cool!
So with B612 picture effect. I look pretty nice ...
I seldom order other beverages besides Hot Green Tea when visit Japanese Restaurant.
So here I ordered Gyu Teri Don Gyu ( Beef ) Teri ( Teriyaki - Shinny ) Don = Donburi ( Bowl ) So basically it's a Beef Teriyaki Don 
I ordered regular ( which suitable for myself as this is small portion ) 

Tahhhh dahhhhh I finished~~~~~~ see small…

Beauty Review : SKINDOM MASK

Wheee............. Look at my skin! I realized my big pores are slightly smaller! Not to say completely small, but YES smaller. This is a very unexpected event ! Which I am smiling with satisfaction.
So how I got this mask?

I went to the IBE Beauty Fair 2015 at KLCC with my colleague. So we were about to do company researches. So we went there, there's a lot freebies going around. So we were passing by at the SKINDOM booth. So a man gave us a pretty goodie bag with mask samples as below. And other samples.
So there's a skin care demo going on. With Korean speaking & English translation. 
We do not have much time , so we grabbed the goodie bag and chao.
So went home I did not really open the bag and until today!
Which  I am really impressive.

So, obviously , when you see this mini container . There's no any wording stated what is this.
So I assume this is Powder Mask as in the picture.

I am not sure if you can see this they are  a little shinning & light pink color …

Restoran Mexim , Klang

Restoran Mexim Klang Dim Sum . If you are looking for yummy dim sum in Klang. I suggest you to come here! =D Not to say it's the best but still yummy.! =D
Located near Pin Hwa High School.  Very visible shop lot.
Address:  No.24, Leboh Tapah, off Jalan Goh Hock Huat, 41400 Klang, Selangor
The best part is, all RM3.80  It is kind off expansive for some dim sum dishes.

Here we go again, Dim Sum..... 

Pai Kut... not bad not bad...

Siu Mai (4/5) & Har Gow (4/5)
Not so special about the Siu Mai & Har Gow. But Har Gow skin is kind of thick , but I prefer the thin ones. But not bad for that.

Chee Cheong Fun (3/5) Again, this is the thick ones. I prefer thin ones. When I can get the thin ones?

Siu Mai & Yam

This is Green Gyoza 5/5 for this! I love this so much!  I personally love Gyoza! But this is green!  So maybe that is special so I like this!

Goreennngg Gorreennng 

So below are the shop name & outside of the Shop

This is the affordable Dim Sum in Klang so far.