NH Detox Slim Vege Fibre review

I know you out there.
Looking for slimming / health / diet supplement
That is how you found my post.

Oh yea... Welcome!

So here we go, NH Detoxlim Product - Vege Fibre Plus

Let me tell you how this thing works.

I drank this for like last year back in 2014.
I saw this was in magazine and they are giving free trial.
I was like '' ohh okayy .... try then ''

First of all, this product will make you a little tummy-ache but NOT SO BAD!
Previously I drank other detox beverages, trust me...
I woke up 2 am in the morning just to Poo-Poo the '' toxins = oil ''

Imagine you are having your beauty sleep at night, then suddenly you wake up with turning on your bed and went to the loo.

Some people might say it's good, they are clearing your tummy.
But , not 2 am in the morning. 

And not only once but 3 times ( maybe I have too much oil xD )

I don't feel good about that.

So let's jump into the product.

The packaging looks very '' vegetable '' hahah!

So , you pour with 250ml of water before drink your lunch.

The box did stated there's before & after lunch drinking method.

Mine was to slimming , if am not mistaken after lunch drinking would be detox .

The taste is not that bad like others , I prefer this. 
I remember the sales girl said , if you don't like the taste you can add soy milk!
Well , that is interesting.

So far, I can accept the taste, I am okay with that.

Should try with soy milk next time.

Here we go... shake shake shake....

I poo-poo frequently, better than last time.
I would say , people are suffering from constipation can take this.
Depends on individual, I don't feel terrible tummy-ache like consuming other products.

Even I don't worry about driving from Klang - KL.

Last time I consumed other products, I almost went to each petrol station .

After drink this Vege Fibre, I go to poo-poo frequently ( which is good )
When you poo-poo, it will be super smelly ( which is good too ) & it's green!

I know how gross it sounds, but that is the result you want right? =)

Where to get it : Guardian , Watson's or any pharmacies.

Let me know what you feel about this product & do you find it helpful?

Can't wait to hear from you!

Love you lots,

Ker Sin.


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