Meeting up with Jason Lim,Director of Jason Lim Productions (JLP)

Hey guys!
I have this awesome story to share with.
I was very fortunate to meet this director in person.
I realized I saw his videos years back!
I thought I saw wrongly.
When I flash back seeing the video '' Are you blind '' 
I saw that before! And I didn't know it is you!

I am very very fortunate !

If you know who is he ...?
He is the Director of JLP ( Jason Lim Productions )
His Facebook: CLICK HERE
He had been featured in many of social medias like '' Lite FM , BFM ''
In newspapers, Chinese, English , Malay you name it . 

I believe, each successful people or I can say people with huge dreams.
There's a passion behind all these dreams or maybe a story - an untold story.

So what this man do -----------Made videos ...
Everyone can make videos. 

But who is gonna make a video for deaf/blind/dumb & other disabled?

Who is gonna make a voice/shout-out for the deaf/blind/dumb & other disabled?

Here I am talking about a young director that make videos to create awareness for the unfortunates & also making changes of the society by doing videos. 
I like the way he say it '' Making films - making change ''
I can say , I agree what he said.

Well throughout the '' meeting session '' 
He is super kind & easy going directors.

I don't say all directors are having an attitude.
But he is friendly, someone which humble, easy to go with or even just chit chatting.
So I started my questions & guess what I don't prepare any script or any questions with me.

I ask as I go xD

Person on the right, Jason Lim, Director of JLP ( Jason Lim Productions )
We can see he loves his productions & passion.

I don't know why my lips are crooked. Maybe I am shy. xD 

So Mr Jason Lim,
he is currently planning , on-going , a new project which is I am so excited & looking forward to see that!

He flies here & there. Basically, he is the humblest '' director '' I ever seen.
Although having a big passion & dream, when throughout our conversation, I don't find him bragging around.

He is more to a listener & a friend that you can share your problems with.

I believe people that join him will also feel his passion towards making changes to some other people's life.

There's these few videos that I've been watching.

Are You Blind?
This video is definitely worth watching.
Don't be ashamed of your own religion, culture & also country.
We can make a difference and make this world a better place as a family.

Reading the comments, I personally felt : ''WOW, what is this guy been doing?''
 You are basically telling out what other people can't tell out.
Sometimes we know we are doing it wrongly & we still do it and.. .we are ashamed.

So change & make the difference.

I was amazed what he told me,
** I slightly change the words & I can't remember much**

He said: 
'' Everyone's life there's a book with blank pages, we create our own stories ''

'' We don't live to please other people, we should be happy to live our life ''

This is such a huge inspiration young man trying to speak for the silence.
Which makes me touched & worth sharing with you guys.

Thank you for the signature! Looking forward on your new productions!

He is out with his latest DVD with Audio Description
When he said Audio Description, I don't know what is that.
As he said, if you blind fold , you will also understand the story!

Which means, blind people can enjoy his video too! =)

Support JLP ( Jason Lim Production ) by purchasing his latest DVD.
RM29.00 only.

Where to get it : CLICK HERE

Let me know what you feel about this video & what do you think about this.

Can't wait to hear from you!

But one thing bro, ( if you are reading this )
You will always have my support =)
Good luck. 

 Love you lots,

Ker Sin 


  1. Thank You Ker Sin for your Kind Words and Amazing Support ;)

    Yours Sincerely

    Jason Lim
    Producer/ Director


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