Carcinia 8 ( Garcinia Cambogia ) Weight loss tea review

Another weight loss tea. I've been gaining weight for last past 3 years.
I know getting slimming down is not easy... not not not ....easy at all.
So I started with healthy diet, exercise ,supplement & of cause Diet tea.
Of cause you can drink honey lemon tea. Which also works great!

Check this link that I made Honey Orange Lemon Slices.
Here are the ingredients. 

It comes with a little sachet in a pack.
My suggestion: 
Take this tea in the afternoon approximately 12pm -1pm
Because it will take 5 - 6 hours to '' dilute your oil ''
But keep in mind , drink more water.
I prefer adding honey or honey with lemon.
I personally don't like the raw taste of the tea.  

The maximum poo per day was 4 , minimum 2.
Which i felt good. My poo was very smelly , and it's oily.
Remove the oil for my body baby!

But the sad result is, you will get a sudden pain. ( very painful for me )
Which I don't recommend taking them like everyday.

Maybe 2 days once.

If you want good results, drink everyday. 

But after poo poo , drink more water.

So far, I only drink this on weekend, just to avoid poo-poo pain when go out.

This is so turn off.

But the result is good!  I recommend this, but drink only on weekends.

Where to get it : Guardian , Watson's or any pharmacies.

Let me know what you feel about this product & do you find it helpful?

Can't wait to hear from you!

Love you lots,

Ker Sin 


  1. Nice sharing! Glad to read your post!

    1. 嗨! 你好 我想买这个产品 不知道要怎么买呢

    2. 嗨!你好我想买这个产品不知道要怎么买呢

  2. Hi just across your blog to find a good review of carcinia 8. I love how you make it the tea into somethings else like adding those flavour. So I was planning to losing some weight before next years. I was wondering does the carcinia works?

    1. Hi dear, sorry for the late reply. I wouldn't recommend you to take this everyday. Because it depends on individual , but I believe everyone is the same included my mom tries it.
      It felt like super terrible tummy ache where you poo ~ more like water poo.

      For people like me , I can poo for 4 times a day, but water type. aiks...

      Don't recommend this if you keep running outside, but make sure you can easily find washrooms.

    2. 嗨!你好我想买这个产品不知道要怎么买呢

  3. woww.. kalau boleh kurus , saya pun nak cubalah yang ni.. rasa macam sekarang berat sudah bertambah banyak.. huhuhu

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