4th July : Cookie Idea ( Toblerone )

I believe out there there's many of Toblerone Chocolate Fans!

This is my video

Yes you ! Yes you!!!
My boyfie went to vacation and bought me plenty of Toblerone Chocolate,
so you know it is impossible for me to eat them all & if it reaches expired date.
Very wasted.
So i found a recipe from Onepotchef , David.
I tell you this recipe is super awesome!
super delicious!

By this recipe you can make :
1.Toblerone Dark Chocolate Cookies
2.Toblerone Dark Chocolate Cookies with Strawberries & Raisins.
3.Toblerone White chocolate cookies
4.Toblerone White Chocolate with Strawberries & Raisins.

It is great for tea time & occasions.
This recipe is really easy .
*1 cup of self raising flour
*1/3 cup of sugar
*100g toblerone chocolate ( 50g dark , 50g white)
*strawberries, raisins (chopped)
*75g butter
*1 tsp vanilla extract

*Bake at 180 degree Celsius for 10-15 minutes 
(or until they turn brownish )

Happy 4th July America! Happy Birthday America!



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