How to make Japanese Korokke

Hello guys!
In this post , i am going to show you how to make Japanese Korokke.
Korokke is something like ..
Deep fried mashed potato with minced meat , onion & boiled eggs.
I love the onions! That had fried with butter.

This is my video!
Do enjoy!
This is really really simple to make it!
4 mashed potatoes
3 boiled eggs
3 onions
200g minced meat

You can make like more than 10 pieces.
Depends hows the size you make them.
If you make it tiny balls , you can make more than 20 !

It is like a homemade Nugget !
Tahh-dahhh you can also add into your bento!
Don't forget to check it out how I make this bento!


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