How to cook Lemon Chicken with Lee Kum Kee's Sauce for Lemon Chicken

Happy Tuesday!
So I discovered how to cook Lemon Chicken!
And with a box of Lee Kum Kee's Sauce for Lemon Chicken
Which brings more convenient & easy way to prepare this meal !
Yahooooo so lets get started!

This is my recipe :

Part 1 of the Cooking Process
Part 2 of the Cooking Process

Soo..... so.... so.... by pictures now.
The ingredients:
For marinade:
1/2 chicken
*for me I used 100g of chicken breast cause I can't finish all.
1 egg
1 tsp salt
dash of peppers

*Marinade for 1 hour.

Mix all the ingredients together , it will be like this =D

After 1 hour , deep-fry in hot oil until cooked and golden brown.

*note: Don't cook too long, the chicken will be dry & hard.

The deep fry process
Okay... now it is cooled!

Dish & Drain . Let them cool a while =)

Prepare the lemon sauce or you can buy it in the store.
Like I am using : Lee Kum Kee's Sauce for Lemon Chicken
* This is so convenient , they don't taste bad too!
Give it a try!
And not so expansive.

So after fry the chicken, prepare a pan & pour the lemon sauce in and cook for 1-3 minutes.

Tahh----dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh =D
Look how pretty is it!!!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial & video!

Happy Cooking & God bless you!


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