7 reasons to love Milk

7 reasons to love milk.

Well , yes about Milk.
Some of my friends don't love milk.
Which i don't understand.
But somehow, I am going to share this article with you guys,
which I bought from my favorite Magazine --- > Women's weekly.

1.If a recipe calls for milk
I recommend and it is better to use it at room temperature.
 If you don't have a microwave ---> You can leave it and let it cool at the room temperature.
If you have a microwave ---> Place a cup of milk in the microwave for 30 secs and it is ready to use.

*I personally cool & chill my milk outside the fridge and ready to use them.

2.Don't panic.
-If you have crowd to feed creamy pastas or wholesome Rendang dishes can go further if you add milk to the recipe.

*My personal thoughts : Not only Rendang , but let's say you are cooking pasta or anything with Coconut milk you can substitute with milk.
It is much healthier & less calories

3.If you want to make your soups or starters creamier
and tastier, try substitute with milk for all or part of the water ingredient.
It will add depth and give a more well-rounded flavor.

*Well , there's a lot of recipe that added milk into them, not only by baking but also cooking.
*Yummy! do check out my recipes !

4.Yogurt is perfect.
Well , i personally think that is perfect. By salad's dressing and dips , you can try substitute with yogurt.
(instead of using mayonnaise or sour cream)

Save yourself from Calories baby!

5. Don't feel limited.
When it comes to cooking dairy products . Try adding milk to sauces and curries to make them smoother and thicker. Give these favorites a new twist.

6.Milk brings a special texture.
and tenderness to bake goods.
Use milk to create mouth-watering desserts that will wow guests on any occasion.

7.Feel like a delicious chocolate drink after a long day?
I personally love drinking milk when i get really exhausted .
But I do get involve with milk a lot of time , especially when baking.
It makes my cake much tastier , softer & yummy.


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