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Nippon Paint Workshop

It's honoring & lucky to be one of the participants to join Nippon Paint's workshop.

It was my first time joining this kind of workshop besides than mandala workshop I joined back in February 2019 ( after me & my ex-husband's separation )  I got so tensed and lost, this is when my friend, Angel, continue to come into my life and shine me up.
I realize that I am so into the arts. Anything to do with arts ( I am so into it, but I have no idea how to join ) Since there's an opportunity, why not!
But didn't expect the workshop is fun, I learn about how to paint, which type of surface uses which type of paint, Momento paint technique and so on. Momento is a 3D like painting where is looks classy, realistic & beautiful!
I didn't expect to be so interesting! They gave us 4 types of materials to paint on : 1) board box  2) metal tin 3) tile surfaces 4) walls
I met new friends, new people from different background and that gave me a new thought of  '…
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Mandarin Palace (Level 2) ,The Federal Kuala Lumpur (HALAL)

It is my first time having Brunch Dim Sum at Mandarin Palace, The Federal Kuala Lumpur. And it's my first time having Brunch outside!
Now only I understand the meaning of Brunch  Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch
Silly isn't it? Let's talk about yummy food! What I like about Mandarin Palace is because their food is HALAL! If you a Muslim and you love DIM SUM SO MUCH and would love to try them so badly, this is the place you should come!
Their Dim Sum and food are made of chicken, fish & shrimp. They also have a vegan area which only for Vegan. Let me introduce you guys their speciality ( shrimp dumpling ) - Har Kao Chewy shrimp & soft dumpling skin. *eat while they are hot* Ma Po Tofu  Sauces corner. No need to worry about which sauce you cannot find. Prawn Noodle, Poached seasonal vegetable, Radish cake - Lo Bak Ko
Chicken feet! If you love chicken feet, you should try here! Why do I say so? Because of its strong taste of soy sauce. Thumbs up for this!
Braised fish fill…

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature, Atria Shopping Gallery (Non-Halal)

I believe you are here for a reason. Japanese cuisine lover? Yes! Today I am introducing & reviewing yummy food from Ryoshi Izakaya Signature at Atria Shopping Gallery. It was a beautiful experience having yummy Japanese Cuisine and a beautiful environment.
I know you will fall in love with this restaurant & their food!
Let's not talk much & let's focus on yummy food, shall we?

If you are craving for Sashimi~
This is something you would love to share with your friends & family!
Fresh Sashimi Plate ~
6 kinds of 3 pcs  Maguro , Salmon , Tako, Hotate , Amaebi , Kampachi
RM130.00 Anyone is up for Ebi Fry Maki? Deep-fried prawn roll with Tartar Sauce. RM26.00
I would give this a thumbs up. I personally love Ebi Fry Maki. Their Tartar sauce is absolute yum! Ryoshi Buta Maki ( Pork sushi roll ) RM26.00 
What I love the most is their pork is not that hard. I come across restaurant making their pork really hard. This is what I don't really like about some of the Ry…

Zyro Oriental Myths and Legend 2019 | Charity Birthday Celebration,

It's an honor to join Dr Zyro on his 29th Birthday & a Charity birthday celebration.
Close to 200 Celebrity Influencers, business people, Blogger, media friends, guests wearing hero costumes to participate in Dr. Zyro's 29th birthday.

Zyro Oriental Myths & Legends 2019 is a double-themed birthday party , his 29th birthday celebration & a charity course.

In addition to receiving gifts, Dr. Zyro also requested for guests to contribute to a charity box whereby the funds will be channeled towards charity initiatives which are Kiwanis International Club Bangsar, Rotary Kasih, The Giving Bank, and Gem & Bread.

Dr. Zyro aptly puts in, '' This is a time to celebrate friendships and love, where we come together not only to have fun but can also do something meaningful together.'' Dr. Zyro means to be a fundraising event to help more people in need.

2019年10月31日 - 接近200位  Celebrity Influencer,  商业人物 , Blogger ,各媒体朋友们,来宾们穿着英雄服装参与 Dr Zyro 的29岁庆生。

Zyro Orien…