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Nippon Paint Workshop

It's honoring & lucky to be one of the participants to join Nippon Paint's workshop.

It was my first time joining this kind of workshop besides than mandala workshop I joined back in February 2019 ( after me & my ex-husband's separation )  I got so tensed and lost, this is when my friend, Angel, continue to come into my life and shine me up.
I realize that I am so into the arts. Anything to do with arts ( I am so into it, but I have no idea how to join ) Since there's an opportunity, why not!
But didn't expect the workshop is fun, I learn about how to paint, which type of surface uses which type of paint, Momento paint technique and so on. Momento is a 3D like painting where is looks classy, realistic & beautiful!
I didn't expect to be so interesting! They gave us 4 types of materials to paint on : 1) board box  2) metal tin 3) tile surfaces 4) walls
I met new friends, new people from different background and that gave me a new thought of  '…
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Curry Puffs / Sardin Puffs with Thermomix

My first time making curry puffs!
I wanted to this for a very long time & finally..... I miss the kakak kat tepi jalan yang jual karipap!

Due to MCO, I've decided to buat Karipap by myself ~

Easy je!

*For small family serving* *depends on individual*

Fillings: (potato) 2 potatoes *cut to cubes Half of a sweet onion * cut to cubes Curry powder - sikit2 ( kalau tak suka pedas2 ) 1 tsp Sugar & salt to taste ** ni my version , kalau nak boleh letak ayam ke and others**

Fillings: (sardine)
A can of sardine* or two ( extra you can make other yummy snacks ) Half of a sweet onion * cut to cubes Curry powder - 2 tsp  Sugar & salt to taste ** ni my version , kalau nak boleh letak ayam ke and others**

For the skin. 400g of flour ( plain flour / all-purpose also can ) 1/2 cup of cold water ( a little salt ) 1/2 cup vegetable oil ( heated ) 2 tbsp butter / margarine * use hand and knead also can or use Thermomix also okay*
Thermomix TM-31 1. Pour all the ingredients into TM bowl. 2. Switch …

Homemade Pumpkin Soup with Thermomix

Finally got a chance to actually post this recipe!
I did this for quite some time, and still, I love it! And I hope you guys love it!
I prefer thick soup!
You can adjust the thickness level of the soup. Mine goes under the speed 5

This is my version of Pumpkin Soup
*you can also add chicken/enoki mushrooms
30g butter Half of the sweet onion ( Bombay onion ) 300g pumpkin ( cut to cubes ) 1 potato ( cut to cubes )  Button Mushrooms ( I used leftovers button mushrooms ) - 4 pcs 200g of milk  200g of chicken broth ( vegetable broth is fine too ) Let's get started, shall we? 
Let's start with sauteing the onion together with the butter.

Cook for 10 minutes; Temperature 100°C; Speed 1
After that, add in the remaining ingredients

Cook for 15 minutes; Temperature 100°C; Speed 1
Once the alarm call, you can choose to blend it in 1 minute; speed 7  I did it for 1 minute; speed 5 ( as I like the thickness )
And you are done!
Homemade Pumpkin soup!
You will never want to order them outside aga…

Homemade Soy Milk with Thermomix

Easy homemade soy milk *April loves it too!
Ingredients: 100g soybean / organic soybean 1-liter of water * divide 2 parts (400ml & 600ml ) 50g granulated sugar/gula Melaka / brown sugar 3-4 pcs of pine skewers *pandan leaves
1st of all, you need to soak your beans for a night. *This is what I do as I am lazy to wait* I prepare the beans at 9.00pm, and the next day I am ready to go.
1. Drain the soak beans. 
2. Fill the Thermomix with 400ml water and beans. You are about to blend the beans. ( 1 minute; Speed 8)
3.Add the remaining water (600ml) , together with sugar & pandan leaves.
4. Cook for 10 minutes; Temperature 90°C; Speed 2 after that, you may cook for another 2 minutes; Temperature 100°C; Speed 2
And you are done!
*You can keep for 2 days in the refrigerator
You may add ginger if you want.
**Don't forget to strain the soy milk!** After done making soy milk. After straining the soy milk, this can be used for Vegetarian food ingredients or for plants. I've p…