Aeon does have baby stroller!!!

Dear mummies ! Sometimes taking care of little kiddo I understand that it could be very difficult if you want to go out. Bringing a little baby on hand and taking a stroller sometimes it could be very difficult too!
I passed by Aeon's customer service several times and I saw wheel chairs & baby strollers. I dare not to ask as I thought it is chargeable.
So one day, I just suddenly decided to drop by Aeon for a little shopping without bringing my stroller or even kangaroo pouch to carry April.
And I am so brave to ask if the stroller can be rent ? And how much is it ?
Sometimes I felt myself a little bit of sotong and shy .
So guess what, it is definitely FOC , what you have to do is just pass them your driving license. After you return, they will return your license back.
It's very convenient ! No need to bring so much things and carrying your kiddo at the same time! Not to say she is very annoying but she is growing up and definitely getting heavier .
Oh ya!  Forgot to m…

How to blanket stitch ? (easy sewing)

How to blanket stitch easily?
Once you had mastered this super easy technique , trust me. There's is nothing you can't sew.
I may not be a professional or perfect tailor, but at least I enjoy my moments.
Cheers! C Ya!
Oh ya, next Tuesday I will be doing a video with my friend which has none sewing experience. We will be doing Totoro Handphone pouch with felt!
It's exciting trying something new with friends! 

Easy Chawanmushi for one (1)

Chawanmushi is not as complicated as we thought,  but is the most easiest steam egg you ever done! Most of the time i failed for steaming eggs. But one thing for sure, this recipe will not fail you. Ingredients :
200ml water / chicken stock soup / any soup *for my I boil bonito flakes1 egg 1 dried mushroom You can add on other ingredients that you like. 
For this recipe I made for my 1 year old baby girl. 
She loves it!!  :)The difference of chawanmushi and Chinese steam eggs their ingredients.
Like Chinese we add on fish cakes,  some salted eggs,  centuries eggs or even salted fish. Japanese are different and brings sweeter taste. Hope you can try it out :)

Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara - Beauty Review

Do you want your lashes to be more dramatic,  fuller and more more gorgeous barbie-lashes! 
Here are more about Lash intensity mascara :
✔ Enrich and extend with our one and only mascara that focuses on multi-directional performance.
✔ Give 200% depth, as if two lashes of thickness were added to each eyelash; And 84% longer lashes.
✔ The special dual-effect brush head design can be in abundant and combed at the same time to lengthen eyelash.
✔ Rich in minerals, high-sensitivity pigments to perfectly black cover each eyelash. I personally love to wear false lashes!
Although I have super thick and long lashes,  but they aren't enough for me!
Ever since i discovered Mary Kay's mascara,  they are all I need for dramatic barbie eyes!  I will update to YouTube soon!  :)

(Selling)Homemade Butter Cake

Open orders for butter cake lover!
Each butter cake approximately 470g - 490g per loaf..
Ingredients : Butter,  Eggs,  Flour,  Sugar,  Love,  Extra love,  extra care. Each loaf RM18 (buy 2 free delivery at Klang only)
Original butter cake : RM18
Chocolate chip butter cake : RM20
Butterscotch butter cake : RM20
Duo Swirl Chocolate butter cake : RM20It's homemade and fresh from oven! I don't use any of chemical ingredients to enhance life shelf,  so please consume immediately or in within 2-3 days. For events : MOQ
4 loaves of Butter cake ( one flavor only) at RM72
10 loaves of butter cake ( can mix flavor)  at RM150Wholesale :
20 loaves : RM240( RM12/each loaf) Do contact me for further discussion
Email :
Wechat : pichmk
Line : pichu.chiharu7

Bridal Gown | Wedding Gown For Rental

Looking for budget wedding / bridal gown. I also provide renting of Wedding / Bridal Gown  Bridal accessories 
I do know that some of the brides-to-be want a '' budget wedding photo shooting '' 
Just contact me if you are looking for one.
This is my facebook page. I provide home to home manicure & pedicure services , variety of spa manicure & pedicure selections & of cause makeup.

OMG! It's been a long time!

Well, yes! As per title, it's been a long time I did not update anything yet.
And little April is now 8months +
A little cute baby , funny and active little baby.

My beloved husband brought us a surprising Melaka 3 days 2 night tour.
It was all good.
Unfortunately less pictures of it.
I realize after having a child , it's like more to them and less to yourself.
You can't deny but you want to take all pictures no matter what they are doing it could be a good memory!

I do realize there are more of her pictures & videos instead of mine.

Well I am just going to leave it there atm , until I get an external hard disk.

I do enjoy writing blog and reading them.

Especially know new people, the feeling is just so great!

Oh.. Oh.. Before I forgotten to introduce,
I am working out on my business again!

I do home to home manicure / pedicure / makeup as well.

So it's a mobile type where I run here and there.
Sometimes I do take April with me when I work.
So please bare with me.