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OMG! It's been a long time!

Well, yes! As per title, it's been a long time I did not update anything yet.
And little April is now 8months +
A little cute baby , funny and active little baby.

My beloved husband brought us a surprising Melaka 3 days 2 night tour.
It was all good.
Unfortunately less pictures of it.
I realize after having a child , it's like more to them and less to yourself.
You can't deny but you want to take all pictures no matter what they are doing it could be a good memory!

I do realize there are more of her pictures & videos instead of mine.

Well I am just going to leave it there atm , until I get an external hard disk.

I do enjoy writing blog and reading them.

Especially know new people, the feeling is just so great!

Oh.. Oh.. Before I forgotten to introduce,
I am working out on my business again!

I do home to home manicure / pedicure / makeup as well.

So it's a mobile type where I run here and there.
Sometimes I do take April with me when I work.
So please bare with me.


2nd month of little April

I realize that I am not updating my blog for the past few months of pregnancy.
Oh yes! By the way, we delivered little April ( baby girl ) earlier than expected.
Our expected delivery date was 13 October 2017 & I delivered her 24 August 2017 ( 32 weeks & 4 days ) 1.9kg

Little April has to be in NICU  until she is 1.8kg & 35 weeks.

So, I would love to thanks government hospital that giving me the opportunity that staying in NICU with April so that I  can take  care of her.

Is not easy to take care a preemie.... Some says preemies don't know how to suck, or don't know how to breath by themselves. Most scariest I heard was they will tend to forget how to breath as they thought they are still in the womb.

So every night I wake I make sure she is breathing . '' I sound stupid , but you will do the same too !''

The doctors & nurses were kind to us & very helpful.

During the NICU moment, I met a lot of mommies & premature babies.
Where you hear…

My 5th month pregnancy~

Finally , I am at the fifth month of pregnancy.
My skin condition is getting better and better!
I guess because I was dehydrated and my skin got super dry and Chinese says drink
'' 红枣 Hong Zao ,蜜枣 Mi Zao and 枸杞 Gou Ji'' will make baby's skin fairer. Well I am gonna try this though.

These days were great! Previously it was hard for me to find a job as I was pregnant.
Got rejected by few companies because they don't want to hire a pregnant lady. - sounds sad huh.

I was jobless since January.
I didn't know I was pregnant.
Normally before Chinese New Year it will be hard to look for job as it will be on holiday on February. So... Yes.. It happened to me.. hard to get a job...

So today, 5th Jun 2017, I got my job last week as a teacher. Which I am really happy!
Happy environment and I enjoy teaching kids.

The previous week I was at another Kindergarden and that was sad , I don't really want to mention where is that and what happened. So it happe…

Super easy steam chocolate cake *no eggs *vegetarian *no bake

As per title~  Super easy steam chocolate cake  *No eggs *vegetarian *no butter *no bake
Yesterday was a super tensed day and sad.... very emotional ..
So I asked my BH to bring me for cakes. *P/S ... I love eating cakes & ice creams when I am sad or emotional or angry. But because I am pregnant, I can't eat ice cream... so... just cakes.
He wouldn't want to bring me so , or he is just lazy to drive out I have no idea. So I decided to bake myself a cake.
Goshh.... Like I am gonna cure myself when I am sad and no listener. Hmmmm....
So I was check out google & youtube on which recipe suits the best criteria of what am I looking for.
Guess what, when I was super excited baking & I have no much ingredients left in my refrigerator. I was like ohh God, hope this success! 
And thanks & Credits to Nags, here original blog & recipe Moist Eggless Steam Chocolate Cake
Look at these babies!  They turn out so nice!  Yummmm~~~~

Here is her original recipe * highlights w…

Why you can't get pregnant when you are at the 30s?

I believe positive vibes can brings you happiness.
Yesterday was an opportunity where I, as a blogger , been invited to join SUNfert with their Bloggers' Day.

Phew..... This blog is a long way. I hope you have patience to read it.

When I first applied for this blogger review or blogger tour, they are looking for mom's or pregnant ladies. And yes, I applied this for like a week ago and I was selected.

I am jumped into tears ( this is just an expression ) as somebody noticed me!

So I told my BH about this and he told his colleague.
He told me it was something direct selling or ask us to sell their products.
I saw the email written something about '' talks '' so my mind knew that it is not about selling.
I told my BH , maybe we go and have a look and I don't think they would ask pregnant ladies to go there and sell.

We are excited to go to SUNfert and learn about new things !

SUNfert International Fertility Center
(picture shows the hall of SUNfert) Helping in …

Gema Ramadhan , The Venue Shah Alam Buffet Ramadhan

It's been so long I wanted to try Ramadhan Buffet. Every year before Raya arrives there'll be Ramadhan first. It's curious how Ramadhan buffet will be. From primary school , I join mostly Chinese as I studied in Chinese school. My secondary school was in Malay school , so I join Indian , Malay and Chinese.
I am so honored to be invited to join Fatin Bella at this eventful Ramadhan Buffet. Do check out here website as well. Fatin Bella

Before the event itself, I was surprised there no one actually started the buffet yet. As I mentioned , it was me and my BH's first time, we don't know how is the agenda .
So we took a little picture of how the buffet settings and yummy food!
Main dishes table settings

Dessert table settings

One of the corner we took the picture. The hall is spacious and beautiful decorated. 
The Venue Shah Alam are specialize in Wedding Packages Event Space. It can accommodate minimum 1000 pax. They have few packages for Malay Wedding packages from RM…