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Nippon Paint Workshop

It's honoring & lucky to be one of the participants to join Nippon Paint's workshop.

It was my first time joining this kind of workshop besides than mandala workshop I joined back in February 2019 ( after me & my ex-husband's separation )  I got so tensed and lost, this is when my friend, Angel, continue to come into my life and shine me up.
I realize that I am so into the arts. Anything to do with arts ( I am so into it, but I have no idea how to join ) Since there's an opportunity, why not!
But didn't expect the workshop is fun, I learn about how to paint, which type of surface uses which type of paint, Momento paint technique and so on. Momento is a 3D like painting where is looks classy, realistic & beautiful!
I didn't expect to be so interesting! They gave us 4 types of materials to paint on : 1) board box  2) metal tin 3) tile surfaces 4) walls
I met new friends, new people from different background and that gave me a new thought of  '…
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Special Effects Makeup

Cupcakes & Muffins

\(^~^)/~~~ Cupcakes ~~~\(^~^)/ (min.of.order 6 pieces)


1 box only have ONE  flavor

A) Butter Vanilla Moist Cupcake
B) Chocolate Moist Cupcake

Premium Flavors
C) Red Velvet Cupcakes
D) Hokkaido Cupcake
E) Japanese Cotton Cake

1) Strawberry Jam
2) Chocolate chips
3) Blueberry Jam
4) Ferrero Rocher

1) Butter Cream icing
2) Chocolate Ganache
3) Premium Cream Cheese
4) Fresh Cream - Vegan
5) Rainbow Dream
1) Mini cupcakes
*6 pcs per box RM18
*12pcs per box RM36
*16pcs per box RM46
* 25pcs per box RM56

2)Medium cupcakes
*6 pcs per box RM24
*12pcs per box RM69
*16pcs per box RM54

* All starting price is subjected for simple deco buttercream icing topping only.
* An additional charges will be charged for any additional deco such as cartoon character fondant starting from RM1.50 per cartoon. 

with plastic cover - as low as RM3.00 ( if purchase more than 12 pieces) Suitable for occasions, events, small gifts, gathering, birthday parties & weddings.